Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Three Kings and the Five Rings

The tagline for this blog says, "Taking Wins Produced to South Beach since 2009..." because that's the first year that I have a whole season of wins produced estimated for the Miami Heat, but I actually began calculating estimated wins produced during the 2008 NBA Playoffs and haven't stopped since.  That means I have data for Team USA from the 2008 Olympics - which just so happened to feature LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.  In fact, they were the three most productive players on the team.  The stats in this spreadsheet address two issues that have been brought up about this new Heat team:

  1. "Lets wait to see how they mesh on the court..."  The world already saw it in 2008 and they meshed fantastically.  Wade was the team's leading scorer and most productive player followed by LeBron who was also third on the team in assists and rebounds.  Bosh was second in rebounds and shot 78% from the floor.
  2. "They still have to go through Orlando and LA..." They already outplayed both teams' star players in 2008.  On a per-minute basis, Wade was nearly 5x more productive than Kobe in the Olympics while Bosh's productivity exceeded Dwight Howard's by 10% and he dominated Pau Gasol over two games with .358 wins produced by Bosh vs .042 wins produced by Gasol.  And neither team has anyone to stop LeBron.

If the 2008 Olympics are any indication, then this will be a dominant season for the Miami Heat.


  1. If this is going to be the level of your analysis - and layout of your website - I am not going to be reading for much longer.

  2. Anonymous:

    If that's going to be the level of analysis in your comments, then I won't be reading them for much longer, either.

  3. This was, indeed, an offensively crappy blog post. I guess this blog in a way will have a train wreck appeal for a week or two before the blog creater quits.