Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arachnophobia: Why The Heat Should Fear The Durantula

I just posted a new Bleacher Report article on Team USA summarizing their performance in the preliminary round of the 201 FIBA World Championships. Durant's performance after 5 games surpassed LeBron's performance in the 2008 Olympics. Check it out:

Arachnophobia: Why FIBA Should Fear The Durantula At The World Championships | World Domination: Kevin Durant Is Leading Team USA to The World Championship | Bleacher Report

To see updated 2010 Team USA stats for Durant, check out this spreadsheet.

To see 2008 Team USA stats for LeBron, check out this spreadsheet.

Leave a comment on who you think will be the better small forward this NBA season.

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  1. Mosi,

    Inspired by all these 2010 WBC stats, I'm trying to do a post on some players using Win Score to calculate estimated Wins Produced numbers and I'm not confident that I'm doing it right. I'm not used to using Win Score!

    If you have the time, mind helping me out? Drop me a line at if you feel up to it.