Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Check out Hot Hot Hoops on The No-Look Pass podcast

This is from Christmas Eve, but it's always good to hear intelligent Heat bloggers on a podcast. Of course, my favorite part was the shoutout to Sherman Douglas.

Hot Hot Hoops guest stars on The No-Look Pass podcast:

The fine folks over at The No-Look Pass invited both myself and Raul to discuss the Miami Heat and the upcoming Christmas showdown against the Los Angeles Lakers, among other things. The curiously titled “Chronicles of Crotty” podcast (named after former Heat guard and current Heat radio broadcaster John Crotty) can be found here.

Thanks to Rey Moralde for inviting us and hope you enjoy it!

(Our own Hot Hot Hoops podcast has been delayed a bit due to illness but stay tuned for a new episode coming soon.)


  1. You had me excited before I realized you were quoting someone. I was looking forward to hearing you talk some Heat Mosi. You're always welcome to get into an argument about Boston vs. Miami with Arturo on Mondays :)

  2. We should definitely do a Boston v. Miami debate before the rematch on Sun, Feb 13th. With the KG injury, Miami should be in 1st place by then :-)

    Of course, it might make for bad audio since Arturo & I will probably talk over one another...