Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heat Produced Page Updated - 12/23/10

The Heat Produced page has been updated with stats from Monday's game against the Mavericks.

Andres "Dre" Alvarez, of the Nerd Numbers blog, summarized the numbers very succinctly in an email to me:

"Looking over the numbers from last night it looks like LeBron was average (which is bad in LeBron land), Miller was off, but Arroyo TANKED you. [The Heat] had over 0.6 WP without Arroyo (in theory a slight win) but Arroyo dropped Miami  to around .4. Also Barea played amazing."

The one other stat that quickly jumped out to me was fourth quarter rebounding. The Mavericks out-rebounded the Heat 16-5 in the fourth quarter. And with that, here's the box score...

The game felt more like a loss to the schedule-makers than a loss to the Mavs, but really that's just an excuse since Miami hasn't beaten Dallas in the last 14 regular season games.

This post was going to be a longer recap and preview of the Suns game, but I got an early Christmas present from Dre that I'm going to use to write a great post on the big Dec. 25th game instead. 

Unless referenced otherwise, original game data used for this post was taken from and

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