Friday, January 7, 2011

Heat Shit List Updated Thru 1/7/11

The Heat Shit List has gone through a few changes in the last couple weeks.

First, there was a Twitter Search Widget that looped through the MIA_Heat_Index Twitter account for any tweets with the #HeatShitList hashtag. Unfortunately, I forgot that Twitter only searches tweets from the last seven days. Eventually, the widget just kept repeating one tweet from three days ago.

I searched for alternatives to the Twitter Search Widget but haven't found anything to my liking. I checked out but when I tried to create a Google Gadget to embed their RSS feed into the Heat Shit List page, I got an error message about a missing XML header.

To make a long story short, the Heat Shit List is back to its original format for now - a numbered list of tweets identifying enemies/haters of the Miami Heat. If anyone is familiar with a gadget that could be embedded into an HTML page and automatically update its search results for tweets with the #HeatShitList hashtag, please let me know in the comments because it's tedious exporting tweets to an Excel file and then copying and pasting them into the Heat Shit List page.

Heat fans - enjoy the list! Haters - Die Slow!

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