Thursday, January 13, 2011

Off the Index: Carmelo Anthony and White Noise | Bleacher Report

I've been trying to solve some technical issues with the Heat Produced page, so that's why there haven't been any updates recently. I hope to have them resolved before Saturday night's game against the Bulls.

Until then, here's a link to a story off the index:

Carmelo Anthony and White Noise: Finding the Truth While Being Sold a Lie | Bleacher Report

While the story discusses the reporting of Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, it's really something I started thinking about after LeBron James announced he was going to sign with the Miami Heat.

I think a lot of the hatred for the Heat by NBA reporters and analysts came about for two simple reasons: greed and jealousy.

I think a lot of NBA reporters and analysts were exposed this summer by their faulty reporting of who was going where. I think the truth revealed that most of them didn't have sources close to the players, but to management (i.e. teams' coaches, front offices and the league office). So when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh exercised their power as players, it left a lot of NBA reporters and analysts out in the cold.

A shift in power from management to the players also means a shift in the balance of NBA story-telling power from writers like Ken Berger and Adrian Wojnarowski to writers like Chris Broussard and Stephen A. Smith. If I was a writer, and the value of the stories I could write was going to be diminished, then I'd probably hate on the people doing the diminishing, too.

If you want one man's opinion of why NBA reporters and analysts hate on the Heat, click the link and check it out. If you just want Heat stats and stories, then check back Saturday night when I'll have something for you.

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