Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heat Check: How Did the Trade Deadline Impact the Title Contenders?

I did a podcast at with Dr. David Berri from the Wages of Wins Journal on Friday evening and we discussed how the transactions at the trade deadline could impact the NBA playoff races. It was a great conversation since two weeks ago I wrote about the best chances each team had of beating the Heat in the playoffs.

Did Danny Ainge really hand the Heat a trip to the Finals by trading Kendrick Perkins?

Can Troy Murphy swing the balance of power in the Eastern Conference and determine who makes it to the Finals?

If the Heat make it to the Finals, then are they more likely to face the Oklahoma City Thunder now that they've traded for the size they needed to compete with the Lakers and the Spurs out West?

Check out the podcast for answers to those questions as well as discussion of the Bulls, Hawks, Wizards, Nets and Blazers.

Weekend Podcast w/ Dr. David Berri and Mosi Platt | Nerd Numbers

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