Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heat Shit List: Let's Have a Toast to the Pistons Fans

As the unofficial stenographer for LeBron James' mental notes, I'd like to introduce a new feature on the Miami Heat Index — Heat Shit List Rankings!  Since the Miami Heat play the Pistons tonight in Detroit, let's begin the inauguration of the Heat Shit List Rankings with a toast to the Pistons fans, one of 25 haters to appear on the Heat Shit List more than once (75 total haters are listed).

The last time the Heat visited Detroit, a Pistons fan made derogatory comments to LeBron about his mother while his sons were sitting next to the bench.  It should be no surprise the same fans that started the "Malice in the Palace" also made nasty comments about a grandmother in front of her grandkids.

Here are the Top 10 haters from the first set of rankings:
  1. Dwight Howard — From mock powder tosses to slamming Dwyane Wade on his back, this spot is well-deserved.
  2. Bill Simmons — Celtics homer that somehow became ESPN's authority on basketball, objectivity be damned.
  3. Charles Barkley — Hypocrite and ingrate leeching T-Mobile money from Dwyane Wade.
  4. Laker fans — The insecurities about their three-peat and Kobe's stature as the NBA's best player are eating them alive.
  5. Bryan Colangelo — Bitter trust fund baby with no Chris Bosh and none of daddy's shoulders to stand on any more.
  6. Kobe Bryant — Practice makes a perfect asshole.
  7. Kevin Durant — Kobe's heir apparent without the swagger.
  8. @ArturoGalletti from Arturo's Silly Little Stats  An irrational Celtics fan having a hard time reconciling his belief in science with acceptance of the Heat as title favorites.
  9. @BlackDiamonds4 — A huge KG fan that can't stop taking shots at his brother's team.
  10. Marv Albert — Making up stats to make the Heat look bad? C'mon, Marv. You're better than that.

The rankings are simply based on the number of appearances a hater has made on the Miami Heat Index Twitter timeline with #HeatShitList. If you think someone's rated to low, then send a tweet to @MIA_Heat_Index with the hater's name, the #HeatShitList tag and your reason for putting them on the list.

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