Monday, March 21, 2011

Podcast: Chris Bosh's Decline and the Rising Heat in the East

Bloggers from the Miami Heat Index and Hot Hot Hoops discussed why Chris Bosh's numbers declined moving from the Raptors to the Heat, why the Heat will finish with at least a #2 seed in the Eastern Conference, what the lineups should be in the playoffs and crunch time as well as good times at the Heat Family Festival.

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Here's a detailed breakdown of the conversation:

  • Why hasn't Chris Bosh been putting up the numbers he posted in Toronto?
    • Some analysis, by the numbers:
      • Hot Hot Hoops guest writer Danny Martinez analyzed the decline in Bosh's scoring and rebounding HERE.
      • Miami Heat Index blogger Mosi Platt illustrated his decline in shooting, scoring, rebounding, blocks and assists HERE.

    • Does Bosh get the ball where he needs it and is he effective in those spots? The bloggers discuss his "pick-and-pop" game and there's a a statistical comparison with other "pick-and-pop" power forwards  HERE.

    • Are Bosh's rebounds being stolen? This analysis would suggest otherwise.
    • Hot Hot Hoops Managing Editor Surya Fernandez said those who forget how good Bosh is should check out some of his highlights on youtube.
  • Where will the Heat finish in the playoff race entering the last month of the season?
    • Dwyane Wade said they don't need to race for the #1 seed and go 14-0.
    • Mosi said that's what it would probably take to pass the Chicago Bulls.
  • When the playoffs start, the rotation will be shortened to eight players. Which players should be in that rotation?
    • PG - Mario Chalmers (or should it be Mike Bibby?)
    • SG - Dwyane Wade
    • SF - Lebron James
    • PF - Chris Bosh
    • C - Erick Dampier, Joel Anthony, or Zydrunas Ilgauskas?
    • Backup G/F - Mike Miller or James Jones? 
      • Danny said Jones has better defensive stats.
      • See the Heat Produced Page for a comparison of their boxscore stats.
    • Backup PF/C - Udonis Haslem? 
      • Tim Reynolds said on the Heat Weekly radio show with Tommy Tighe that Haslem will  not be cleared for running until the end of March and will probably be out until the April 10 game vs the Boston Celtics.
      • Will his health be more of a risk or reward for the Heat in the playoffs? Surya provides an injury update, plus news on Mario Chalmers' knee.
  • Surya describes some of the best moments from the Heat Family Festival. Which sounds the most fun — Keith Askins at the petting zoo or Mike Bibby's prank on Sun Sports' Jason Jackson?

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