Monday, April 18, 2011

Miami Heat Podcast: White Hot Chris Bosh and Playoff Predictions

Bloggers from the Miami Heat Index, and Hot Hot Hoops discuss what happened Sunday in Game One of the Miami Heat's first round playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers and what to expect from the Heat Monday and beyond.

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The Cast:

The Synopsis:
The Heat kicked off their playoff run on Saturday and the Miami Heat Podcast kicked off its playoff run on Sunday. Here's a rundown of the conversation:
  • The podcast began with an introduction of its newest member and his Heat confidence meter.
  • The podcasters compared what they expected to happen in Game One and what actually happened.
  • As Tim Reynolds reported, the Heat entered the playoffs with the top two scorers in terms of career playoff averages (LeBron James at 29.3 PPG and Dwyane Wade at 26.3 PPG). Heat beat writers  reported how amped up the team was and how ready they were to show the world what they could do. Chris Bosh said on the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz (at the 1:59:00 mark) that he couldn't wait for the game. Yet the only player that brought their "A" game in Game One was Bosh with 25 points and 12 rebounds. Surprised? Listeners may be surprised by the podcasters' answers.
  • Should 25 points and 12 rebounds have been the norm instead of the exception for Bosh this season? 
    • Bosh told LeBatard that he hasn't had time for anything but basketball this season, and that was something he didn't expect. Has he had to work harder to keep up with the work ethic of LeBron, Coach Erik Spoelstra and work horses like Joel Anthony?
    • Did Bosh develop losing habits with the Toronto Raptors? For example, why didn't they tell him that he scored more efficiently from the right side of the floor instead of the left side like Spoelstra did?
    • If fans knew before this season that Bosh was going to work harder than he did last season (when he averaged 24 points and 10.8 rebounds per game), would they have expected (or been satisfied with) a drop in his numbers?
    • Arteaga identified what he thought was the turning point for Bosh this season.
  • The podcast takes a brief detour with comments on trading Mike Miller, replacing the "brigade of stiffs" and an introduction of the short-lived Joel Anthony Stat Index (you have to listen to understand).
  • Each blogger gave their expectations for the rest of the series against the Sixers and who the Heat would face in subsequent rounds of the playoffs if they advance.
  • The podcast ended with another detour towards the Celtics and Bulls with Arteaga saying Derrick Rose should definitely be the MVP. Martinez didn't say anything, but there's a good chance he disagreed.

This podcast was inspired by E.J. Fischer.


  1. This is my favourite podcast so far.
    Alfredo is great, please bring him back.

  2. I agree. Alfredo was excellent. He'll be back as long as he wants to put up w/ me. Make sure you check out & let him know your thoughts!

  3. The bulls may not be as good as advertised but you guys have way too much faith in the magic. Alfredo's 20 point blowout prediction came true so maybe he sees something in the magic that I don't?

    This is my favourite heat podcast so please keep them coming.

  4. I picked ORL to beat CHI because the top 6 players for the Magic are more productive than the top 6 players for the Bulls. I focused on the top 6 players because teams shorten their rotations in the playoffs where the top 6 typically play 80% of the minutes. The difference between the top players on ORL & CHI is about 3 wins over an entire season and just enough in a playoff series for the Magic to steal it in 6 games.

    I based my picks on the formulas & models from these articles: