Monday, May 16, 2011

Heat Produced: Quick Stats & Links for Game 1 vs Bulls

No time for a game recap tonight, so just a few quick links...

  • The Wins Produced stats estimated from the box score for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals can be viewed HERE.
  • The Heat Produced Charts were updated.
  • I posted some quick thoughts on the Heat Produced stats from Game 1 on Twitter.
  • Non-statistical thoughts on Game 1 can be found HERE.

That's it for tonight. Tough loss, Heat fans. Do like me and Let It Be...


  1. Friendly advice:

    im sure its a lineup you all never used and playoffs is a bad time to experiment but wade, james, bosh, anthony , (insert name of center) is what i would go with

    1- rose doesnt get night off on D and is forced to guard wade maybe even gets into foul trouble

    2- wade and james get more favorable matchups on offense....i think bogans is not that great a defender and getting james away from deng might make LBJ not settle for the jumper as much

    3- deng is not a great off the dribble type player so bosh should be able to stay with him..and because bosh is more the slender build, an easier boxout than boozer, gibson, asik

    4- evens up the numbers on the glass....and better physical matchups. anthony + center vs boozer/gibson/noah than when you all go small. LBJ at 4 isnt as effective in this series because of the mobility and activity of bigs

  2. @Big Shot Ron:

    Heat actually tried 5 lineups this season with Anthony at PF and only 1 had some success. 2 problems - 1) It becomes 3 on 5 offensively and 2) Lineups w/out PGs have struggled this season.

    I think they'll be fine w/ the lineups they used in Gm1. Wade & LeBron just need to rebound the ball, that's all. They were both below avg.

  3. points should come at a premium regardless because they are the two best Def teams in the nba...its 3 on 5 offensively most nights anyway because chalmers (for whatever reason) isnt getting the lions share of the minutes at point. i think my lineup gives you all a chance to rebound the ball better and get in transition....if this continues to be a halfcourt game, its a problem because of our halfcourt defense

  4. Disagree completely. Chalmers played as many minutes as Bibby in Gm1. The rebounding was an anomaly. Shit happens. Heat can win a halfcourt game vs Bulls. Same rules apply to CHI offense vs MIA defense.