Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heat Shit List: NBA Finals Edition

The Miami Heat gave it to the haters again when they beat the Chicago Bulls and now they're in the NBA Finals. The Heat Shit List doubled in size during the month of May.

It's time for an update.

NBA Fans outside of Miami hold down the #1 spot with 70 appearances on the Heat Shit List but ESPN is closing fast with 66. With two weeks of exclusive NBA Finals coverage ahead of them, I expect the worldwide leader to finish the season on top. Leading the way for ESPN is Derrick Rose's pro bono publicist, Ric Bucher.

Bucher doubled down on his Rose PR campaign after watching him be completely mentally defeated by LeBron James' defense in the Eastern Conference Finals — to the point he admitted it was easy for the King to guard him. Bucher's insane refusal to see reality powered him to the #2 spot on the Heat Shit List. Only a nation of haters had more appearances on the list than he did.

Right behind Ric Bucher was Doug Stewart, co-host of the 2 Live Stews sports talk show in Atlanta and frequent guest on ESPN2's 1st & 10 with Skip Bayless. Doug's a bitter Lakers fan that created the #fakeheatfan tag after the Lakers got swept by the Mavs and the Heat took the lead in their series with the Bulls.

Bitter Lakers fans finished right behind Celtics fans (led by Arturo Galletti) and the Dead Basketball Poets Society in the group rankings, but pulled ahead of the TNT crew led by Charles Barkley.

Here's the Heat Shit List Top 10:

  1. All Haters
  2. Ric Bucher
  3. Doug Stewart
  4. Arturo Galletti
  5. Charles Barkley
  6. Pistons fans
  7. Bill Simmons
  8. Dead Basketball Poets Society
  9. @BlackDiamonds4 (My Celtics fan brother)
  10. Adrian Wojnarowski

Here are the Top 5 groups on the Heat Shit List:
  2. ESPN
Go to the Heat Shit List Page, check out the full list and rankings for the hater you despise the most and let them know how you feel on Twitter (make sure you tell them the #HeatShitList sent you). Think someone should be added to the list or have a higher ranking? Send a tweet with the tag #HeatShitList to @mia_heat_index or leave a comment on the blog.


            1. Wait a tic, how come Arturo gets his own spot, and "Pistons fans" is a group?

              Guess it's time to get more active!

            2. @brgulker:

              You were late to the party. Arturo got a head start on you in October.