Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heat Check: Coach Admits Mavs Played Like Hockey Goons To Put HEAT On Ice

This is an "I told you so" moment...

Here's an excerpt from the Associated Press article covering the Toronto Raptors announcement of Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Dwayne Casey as the team's new head coach:
Casey said his No. 1 goal is to give the Raptors a "defensive identity." He partially credited the Mavericks' performance against LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the NBA finals to the breaking down of hockey video. 
"Because we felt we were playing too soft against Miami to start the series," he said. "And it really set the tone." 
"I don't know a lot about hockey. I know I'll learn about it. But we spliced in those guys checking players up into the window, into the boards and that type of thing and that's the way we want to play," he said. "We want to make sure people feel us when they cut through the lane. And that's a mindset, and that's having a disposition - a bad disposition - when people come through your paint."
In the Finals recap, I stated the chance to win the title was lost when hockey goon Brian Cardinal injured Dwyane Wade. I stated that if Erik Spoelstra was out-coached, it was because he didn't resort to putting goons like Cardinal in the game to beat up Dirk Nowitzki and the rest of the Mavericks the way Rick Carlisle did.

That article got over 500 views from Mavs fans at some message board who disagreed with that premise.

Well, Casey admitted the coaching staff wanted the Mavs to play like hockey goons and beat the HEAT up. It resulted in Wade getting hurt. Once he was hurt, his production dropped from best in the Finals to ZERO. Here are the numbers from the Finals recap:
Wade produced an estimated 1.366 wins in 158.4 minutes played through the first four games of the Finals (0.414 est.WP48).
Wade produced an estimated -0.013 wins in 75.6 minutes played in the last two games of the Finals (-0.008 est.WP48). His production decreased by 59 percent as his Win Score per 48 minutes went from 19.1 to 7.9.
All because a player who DIDN'T BELONG IN THE LEAGUE, LET ALONE THE FINALS, gave him a hip contusion while following his coaches' orders. Here's another excerpt from the Finals recap:
Brian Cardinal ranked 390th out of 453 players in Wins Produced this season with -0.042 WP48 and -0.5 Wins Produced. He's played 10 seasons in the NBA. The only player less productive than him with more experience is Jermaine O'Neal who ranked 419th with -0.108 WP48 and -1.0 Wins Produced. He's only in the league for one reason - thuggery. He's a fucking goon and Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle should be ashamed of themselves.
I didn't need Casey to say the Mavs resorted to thuggery at his introductory press conference, but I'm glad he did because now I can say...

..."I told you so." Although I like what my man Alfredo Arteaga from said to Casey at the beginning of the last HEATcast a lot more.

As for the Mavs fans from that message board...



    Enough said! Stop being girls Heat fans. Your team was beaten by a better all around team. D Wade's fake hip injury was not a factor.

  2. @Jeff, @Brad:

    Fuck the Mavs as a franchise, team & a motherfucking crew. If you're a Mavs fan, then fuck you, too.

  3. hahahahahaha. whiny little baby. you lost. get over it. YES. WE. DID.

  4. Great retort there skippy. Not my fault that your team is filled with pre-madona's. The Mavs proved they could handle the Heat (no pun intended). Did they choke? No, they where shut down by a better defensive team. I know the whole "team" thing throws your guys for a loop, but the current group in South Beach more closely resembles an And 1 team than an NBA team. Brian Cadrinal sanding his ground & attempting to draw a charge is not thuggery, it's basketball. What D Wade did to Rondo was thuggery.

    Spoelstra was out coached by a better coach, not because of dirty play. Game 2's comeback was a prime example of that. The Heat where not ready for a complete team what was hungry. D Wade & LeBron felt that they could win a title simply by being on the floor & I doubt to this day they fully believe that they where beat be a better & more prepared team. Until they figure that out, there will be no NBA Championships in South Beach.
    If your team can figure a few things out & humble themselves a bit, there could be multiple championships come there way, but stating that the Heat didn't win it all this year because of a couple hard fouls & a fake hip injury is asinine. Have a piece of humble pie, admit the Mavs are a better team & use this as a lesson learned. If that does not happen, LeBron will remain ringless.

  5. @Brett:

    You get the standard Mavs fan welcome...

    "Fuck the Mavs as a franchise, team & a motherfucking crew. If you're a Mavs fan, then fuck you, too."

  6. @Brad:

    Your comment needs 3 things - a spelling check, a grammar check and a reality check. Microsoft Word can help you with the first two. I'll help you with the third.

    1) The HEAT have Primadonnas? Dirk cried about his finger & his cold to reporters! Cuban holds pre-game press conferences from a treadmill! He outfitted the Mavs with the best luxury items his money could waste and you're gonna call the HEAT primadonnas? GTFOHWBS

    2) Better defensive team? Please show me any sophisticated measure of defense that proves that. The HEAT had the better defensive efficiency in the regular season and playoffs according to GTFOHWBS

    3) The HEAT players don't know about team? The same HEAT players that ALL sacrificed money to play together (with the exception of Joel Anthony)? Meanwhile, the Mavs have the 2nd highest payroll in the NBA! GTFOHWBS

    4) How exactly is Carlisle a better coach than Spoelstra? What does he do that Spoelstra doesn't? He doesn't make the players hungry. They actually STOPPED running sets in the 4th qtr of Game 2 and Marion said the Mavs play better when they just play free. Sounds to me like Carlisle's holding them back to an extent! GTFOHWBS

    5) The HEAT weren't beat by a better team. They were beat without Wade at 100%. As for humility, Wade & LeBron come across as extremely humble to me. They gave the Mavs props after the Finals. I wouldn't have. They're the best players in the world. Do you know how much humility it must take not to throw that in people's faces, especially when they're challenging you on something they literally have less knowledge than you about? GTFOHWBS

  7. you are aware that dwade slammed rajon rondo into the floor dislocating his arm for no apparent reason other than we was pissed at him for poking the ball away? THAT'S being a hockey goon. but hey, it worked, they beat the celts. if not for that play the mavs might have had to beat them instead.

  8. @Jeff:

    Actually, Wade didn't slam Rondo to the floor. Rondo, being the annoyance that he always is, got tangled up w/ Wade b/c he was somewhere he didn't belong. And Rondo was actually MORE productive after the injury. See

  9. Holy shit this is straight up delusional. Attempting to take a charge counts as dirty play now? I guess since the stats say that D Wade is so much better than The Custodian, he should have just moved out of the way and given Wade a free layup.

    Also, clinging to stats to prove the Heat are a better defensive team is hilarious. Since you like math so much, here's a word problem that I bet you'll enjoy.

    In the 2011 NBA Finals two teams played a best of 7 series. One team wins 4 games and one team wins 2 games. Which team won a trophy and the right to call themselves the best basketball team in the world and which team got to take to the internet to cry and moan about how the other team didn't play nice with them?

    If the Finals were an acting competition the Heat might have had a chance, since it was a competition to see which was the better basketball TEAM, they were completely outclassed. Better luck next year, sore loser.

  10. Oh and here you should watch this video because apparently you didn't actually see the collision between Wade and Cardinal:

    Estimated wins produced in the 2011 NBA Finals by a whining faker who's made a career out of flopping and crying? 2.

  11. Really? Really?? The heat lost cuz of goonish play by the mavs...have you ever seen a hockey game??

    You see that Cardinal play 15 times a game in the NBA and Wade initiated all is that dirty?? Sounds like a lot of sour grapes to me, typical of front runners. Next time dont have your victory celebration til AFTER you win something.

  12. @GoMavs & @Unknown:

    You get the standard Mavs fan welcome, courtesy of the late, great Tupac Shakur...

    "Fuck the Mavs as a franchise, team & a motherfucking crew. If you're a Mavs fan, then fuck you, too."

  13. you make the argument that the heat were beat without wade at 100%? What about Caron butler not being at 100%? Haywood? Dirk?

  14. @c2ebd45a...

    The difference is that the HEAT didn't injure Butler, Haywood or Dirk.

  15. dirk injured his hand during the finals, and had a fever.

  16. @c2ebd45a....

    Awww, poor baby...

    Dirk injured his own hand swiping at the ball as Bosh drove by him & I'm pretty sure the HEAT didn't give him a sinus infection.

    Cardinal injured Wade as a result of coaching strategy.

  17. how about haywood? injured during the finals.. wade fell back 5 feet after running into a player standing still, while he was running full speed. that actually cant happen without you throwing yourself backwards, so he is part to blame for trying to exaggerate the play.

    The coaching strategy was taking out Peja who was incredibly ineffective against the athletic heat, and putting in cardinal. Not to bang up your players but to have a little hustle and energy.

    bad excuses are bad. I'm sorry, I know you are going to try and say i'm a heat hater but I am not. I'd recommend reading they do a good unbiased job of showing poorly called and officiated games. The mavericks flat out played more sound basketball and that is why they won. You guys will have your year most likely, this just was not it.

  18. @c2ebd45a...

    Once again, Haywood wasn't injured as a result of the HEAT coaching strategy.

    I've been to, seen the video & they point out that Cardinal stepped into Wade.

    As for the coaching strategy, Dwayne Casey illustrated the part of the coaching strategy that I had a problem with & that's the point of this article. The 80's Celtics, Bad Boy Pistons, & Ewing's Knicks took pride in winning by hurting players. Mavs fans just have to learn to embrace the way they won. Cuban & the coaching staff did.

  19. do you have a link to where he illustrated that strategy? Comparing the Dallas Mavericks to the Bad Boy Pistons? Really?! 3 months ago everyone (i'm sure you included) relentlessly claimed they were soft, and now they get compared to the least soft team ever(?)!

  20. @c2ebd45a...

    Uh, did you read the post you're commenting on?

  21. Hahahahahaha. This dumbass said Cardinal came in to hurt Wade. Video is right here, buddy. Wade slams into a stationary Brian Cardinal and then flails his arms around like a girl to try and get the call. He hurt HIMSELF, and that is hilarious. What an idiot.

  22. @Shaun:

    You get the standard Mavs fan welcome...

    "Fuck the Mavs as a franchise, team & a motherfucking crew. If you're a Mavs fan, then fuck you, too."

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