Monday, June 6, 2011

Heat Produced: Quick Links to Stats for Game 3 of NBA Finals

The Miami Heat took a 2-1 series lead in the NBA Finals with an 88-86 win over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 3.

A full recap of Game 3 will be posted tomorrow, but here are some links to the wins produced stats and commentary:
  • This spreadsheet contains the wins produced stats estimated from the box score for Game 3. Dwyane Wade was the most productive Heat player and Dirk Nowitzki was the most productive player in the game.
  • This spreadsheet contains wins produced stats for the Heat in the NBA Finals. Wade has been the most productive player in the Finals by a wide margin.
  • This spreadsheet contains wins produced stats for the Mavs in the NBA Finals. Dirk has been the most productive Mavs player in the Finals by a slim margin over Tyson Chandler.
  • The Heat Produced Page has been updated with stats for the playoffs. Three big games in the Finals have pushed Wade to the top of the Heat Produced list for the playoffs.

Here's the running commentary from Game 3 on Twitter:

Mon Jun 06 00:08:59  2011 #FinalsGm3 After a loss, new drink: Patron. Same old Blackberry. Same old prediction Five. Five. Five. Five. #LETSGOHEAT

Mon Jun 06 00:12:44  2011 #FinalsGm3 @dwadeofficial is on a solo mission right now & he's unstoppable

Mon Jun 06 00:20:57  2011 #FinalsGm3 I like #TheWarden working on the glass right now

Mon Jun 06 00:21:43  2011 #FinalsGm3 @chrisbosh murdering Peja. As expected.

Mon Jun 06 00:24:40  2011 #FinalsGm3 Kidd on @dwadeofficial again? Time to go to work.

Mon Jun 06 00:28:25  2011 #FinalsGm3 RT @mySynergySports: The Heat are Isolating Dwyane Wade on the left wing whenever possible. He's (cont)

Mon Jun 06 00:29:49  2011 #FinalsGm3 #UD gotta stay on the ground if he's not gonna shoot that

Mon Jun 06 00:31:12  2011 #FinalsGm3 Love the way #UD took out that Dirk screen so @mchalmers15 could stay w/ Barea

Mon Jun 06 00:32:23  2011 #FinalsGm3 @KingJames is NOT fucking around w/ this game! He has 1 focus - GETTING TO THE RIM!

Mon Jun 06 00:35:32  2011 #FinalsGm3 ALL @mchalmers15 DOES IS HIT BIG SHOTS! GODDAMN, DALLAS - MIGHTY QUIET DOWN THERE! LMAO

Mon Jun 06 00:36:47  2011 #FinalsGm3 RT @grantstern: So far, so #whitehot!  Go #heat!

Mon Jun 06 00:40:04  2011 #FinalsGm3 More like destroy Barea RT @EthanJSkolnick: Chalmers checks in to check Barea. One of the key matchups tonight.

Mon Jun 06 00:46:38  2011 #FinalsGm3 Homecourt advantage #scorecasting RT @ByTimReynolds: Heat 6 fouls, Dallas 3 so far.

Mon Jun 06 00:53:13  2011 #FinalsGm3 Two hands, Bosh. Two hands.

Mon Jun 06 00:53:59  2011 #FinalsGm3 true story. RT @halstonisreal94: The Mavs cant stop us from getting to the all

Mon Jun 06 00:55:41  2011 #FinalsGm3 @dwadeofficial to Dirk: "You ain't got no heart! GIMME THAT REBOUND!"

Mon Jun 06 00:56:19  2011 #FinalsGm3 Bosh gotta stop shooting at this point...

Mon Jun 06 00:59:10  2011 #FinalsGm3 @dwadeofficial to JET: "Celebrate this block & dunk, YOU SUCKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" (KRS-1 VOICE)

Mon Jun 06 01:03:22  2011 #FinalsGm3 @UptownReport & I said we expected a dbl-digit win on Saturday's podcast. We're looking REAL good right now

Mon Jun 06 01:06:20  2011 #FinalsGm3 That was terrific transition D on Terry's layup

Mon Jun 06 01:22:29  2011 #FinalsGm3 Heat winning 2 of 4 factors: Shooting & Offensive Rebs. Tied in TOs. Mavs winning battle at FT line (as expected)

Mon Jun 06 01:32:36  2011 #FinalsGm3 I can accept poor shooting (for awhile) but WHY does Bosh only have 1 rebound?

Mon Jun 06 01:35:01  2011 #FinalsGm3 #TheWarden was only 1 running w/ @KingJames & he got rewarded w/ a layup. Nice.

Mon Jun 06 01:35:58  2011 #FinalsGm3 Good pass from @dwadeofficial to @ochrisbosh

Mon Jun 06 01:41:18  2011 #FinalsGm3 Damn... @chrisbosh eye is fucked up...

Mon Jun 06 01:42:35  2011 #FinalsGm3 Bibby... PUT THE BALL ON THE FLOOR VS BAREA! HE CAN'T GUARD YOU!

Mon Jun 06 01:45:04  2011 #FinalsGm3 The offense is SIMPLE... ATTACK Kidd & Barea. THAT'S. IT. That's the offense.

Mon Jun 06 01:49:19  2011 #FinalsGm3 Bad D by Bosh 2 give Dirk that open transition 3

Mon Jun 06 01:50:38  2011 #FinalsGm3 I'd like to see @mchalmers15 on the floor to expose Barea. Bibby can't do it. And here he comes. My man, Spo!

Mon Jun 06 01:53:32  2011 #FinalsGm3 damn, he's right RT @sportyloc: Bosh has the biggie small eye now.. #TEAMHEAT

Mon Jun 06 01:56:03  2011 #FinalsGm3 That's it. Attack Kidd & Barea. That's the offense. Make Carlisle take 'em out & then attack their replacements.

Mon Jun 06 01:58:24  2011 #FinalsGm3 LeBron has to keep attacking like he was in 1st half

Mon Jun 06 02:00:44  2011 #FinalsGm3 Agreed RT @Brendan_Tobin: Wade is gassed and needs a breather and LeBron needs to go at the rim in his absence

Mon Jun 06 02:02:39  2011 #FinalsGm3 I agree RT @EthanJSkolnick: Here's a second-guess for you: Spoelstra should have gone to Chalmers, (cont)

Mon Jun 06 02:04:28  2011 #FinalsGm3 @mchalmers15 can kill Barea ALL NIGHT. Great drive & dish to #UD

Mon Jun 06 02:06:12  2011 #FinalsGm3 RT @Zakeya_MsLADYTH: Let's go @mchalmers15!

Mon Jun 06 02:12:26  2011 #FinalsGm3 Mahinmi couldn't guard @cchrisbosh w/ a gun & a badge

Mon Jun 06 02:15:11  2011 #FinalsGm3 Damn... That pass to @chrisbosh was as sick as the finish

Mon Jun 06 02:21:14  2011 #FinalsGm3 I like to see #UD shooting w/ confidence!

Mon Jun 06 02:21:53  2011 #FinalsGm3 I LOVE TO SEE @mchalmers15 SHOOTING WITH CONFIDENCE!!!

Mon Jun 06 02:26:34  2011 #FinalsGm3 That's it! Attack Kidd!

Mon Jun 06 02:29:55  2011 #FinalsGm3 Not sure why LeBron & Bosh both passed on shots in the paint to kick it out the last 2 possessions. Wade might have to do it solo

Mon Jun 06 02:32:02  2011 #FinalsGm3 True story RT @dan_d_bear: RT @bomani_jones: say what you want about chalmers, but he ain't even the littlest bit scurred.

Mon Jun 06 02:33:41  2011 #FinalsGm3 @dwadeofficial hit kidd w/ the Tim Hardaway dbl tap b4 nailing that 3!

Mon Jun 06 02:35:17  2011 #FinalsGm3 WTF was @chrisbosh doing bringing Chandler to @mchalmers15 in the corner? WTF?

Mon Jun 06 02:39:31  2011 #FinalsGm3 LeBron & Bosh not looking good...

Mon Jun 06 02:42:16  2011 #FinalsGm3 @chrisbosh did his job on that play

Mon Jun 06 02:44:39  2011 #FinalsGm3 Heat get a chance to redeem themselves 4 the bad D at end of Gm2...

Mon Jun 06 02:48:01  2011 #FinalsGm3 HOW'S IT FEEL DALLAS? GET USED TO IT!! 2 MORE OF THESE COMING. All the refs in that game can eat a dick, too. Incl. the alternate

Mon Jun 06 02:55:41  2011 #FinalsGm3 I remember when LeBron James was a dominant player... Not sure what happened to that guy.

Mon Jun 06 02:57:11  2011 #FinalsGm3 Oh yeah, fuck Dirk's finger. @chrisbosh hit the game winner w/ one eye.

Mon Jun 06 03:21:16  2011 #FinalsGm3 Oh, yeah... Everybody talking about Chalmers' 3 shouldn't have counted can KISS MY ENTIRE ASS. Heat (cont)

Mon Jun 06 03:24:18  2011 #NowPlaying Rick Carlisle's #FinalsGm3 postgame presser: He whined about Chalmers' halfcourt shot. FUCK. YOU. CEE-LO STYLE

Mon Jun 06 03:28:54  2011 #FinalsGm3 3 rebounds for Bosh. SMH

Mon Jun 06 03:30:50  2011 #HeatProduced Centers in #FinalsGm3 were 0-10 in 1st half.

Mon Jun 06 03:37:33  2011 #HeatProduced Centers in #FinalsGm3 were 1-13 thru 3 qtrs. PGs were 7-22 thru 3 qtrs.

Mon Jun 06 03:53:41  2011 #NowPlaying Wade & LeBron #FinalsGm3 postgame presser: No tie for @dwadeofficial tonight?

Mon Jun 06 04:31:59  2011 @MrShadM Yup. @mchalmers15 was 2nd most productive player in #FinalsGm3

Mon Jun 06 04:33:05  2011 Just caught re-run of @KingJames #FinalsGm3 postgame presser. @greggdoyelcbs asked LBJ why he's "shrinking from the moment" #HeatShitList

Mon Jun 06 04:47:00  2011 #HeatProduced @dwadeofficial was most productive MIA player in #FinalsGm3 w/ 0.330 est. wins produced from 29 pts on 21 shots w/ 11 rebs

Mon Jun 06 04:48:10  2011 #HeatProduced 2nd most productive MIA player in #FinalsGm3 was @mchalmers15 w/ 0.228 est.wins produced from 12 pts on 8 shots, 4 rbs, 2 asts

Mon Jun 06 04:49:28  2011 #HeatProduced Bosh was least productive MIA player in #FinalsGm3 w/ -0.255 est.wins produced from 18 pts on 18 shots & 5 FTAs, 2 TOs, 4 PFs

Mon Jun 06 04:50:43  2011 #HeatProduced Dirk was most productive player in #FinalsGm3 w/ 0.373 est.wins produced from 34 pts on 21 shots & 9 FTAs w/ 11 rebs, 3 blks

Mon Jun 06 04:52:06  2011 #HeatProduced Tyson Chandler was 2nd most productive Mavs player in #FinalsGm3 w/ 0.302 est.wins produced from 11 rebs, 3 blks, 1 stl

Mon Jun 06 04:53:51  2011 #HeatProduced Barea was least productive player in #FinalsGm3 w/ -0.213 est.wins produced from 6 pts on 8 shots & 2 FTAs w/ 4 TOs

Unless referenced otherwise, original game data used for this post was taken from and

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