Friday, June 3, 2011

Heat Produced: Quick Stats & Links for Game 2 of NBA Finals

Did the Miami Heat blow a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter of Game 2 in the NBA Finals to lose 95-93 to the Dallas Mavericks? Yes, they did.

Let it be... and check out the Wins Produced stats estimated from the box scores for the NBA Finals.

No time for a full recap tonight, but the Heat Produced Page has been updated with the Wins Produced stats estimated from the NBA Finals.

  • This spreadsheet has the Wins Produced stats estimated from the box score for Game 2.
  • This spreadsheet has the Heat Wins Produced stats estimated from the box scores for the NBA Finals.
  • This spreadsheet has the Mavs Wins Produced stats estimated from the box scores for the NBA Finals.
  • If you want to relive the highs and lows of Game 2, the running commentary is below

Thu Jun 02 20:59:46 2011 Who will be Heat MVP in #FinalsGm2? Vote here: Defense & D-Wade Were Keys for Heat in Game 1 via @bleacherreport

Thu Jun 02 23:44:12 2011 Tips 4 #FinalsGm2 RT @980nba: last viewing of game 1, there are some definite areas of attack for both teams: (cont)

Thu Jun 02 23:45:25 2011 More tips 4 #FinalsGm2 RT @980nba: and dallas has to screen better, especially on switches, other than kidd who was solid.

Fri Jun 03 00:02:42 2011 More tips 4 #FinalsGm2 RT @980nba: mia also has to be careful of slow start. their gameplan is control (cont)

Fri Jun 03 00:03:56 2011 More tips 4 #FinalsGm2 RT @980nba: and that double big screen worked well for miami.  a new wrinkle they used (cont)

Fri Jun 03 01:01:59 2011 #FinalsGm2 Henny? I'm sippin' it. Blackberry? I'm tweetin' w/ it. #LETSGOHEAT

Fri Jun 03 01:08:05 2011 #FinalsGm2 Nice move by @dwadeofficial in post on Kidd to start it off

Fri Jun 03 01:17:59 2011 #FinalsGm2 Looks like @dwadeofficial got that feeling tonight. Great baseline spin move & kick out to @KingJames for 3!

Fri Jun 03 01:18:53 2011 #FinalsGm2 Preach! RT @sportyloc: Wades euro step is the best I've ever seen #TEAMHEAT

Fri Jun 03 01:21:54 2011 #FinalsGm2 Who you throwing the ball to Jason Kidd?

Fri Jun 03 01:22:32 2011 #FinalsGm2 Yeah, Peja on @chrisbosh ain't gonna work, Rick Carlisle

Fri Jun 03 01:24:33 2011 #FinalsGm2 It's gonna be a long night if Bibby's knocking down open 3s!

Fri Jun 03 01:27:25 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @EthanJSkolnick: DScott approached Bibby after practice yesterday. "Stop thinking & shoot the damn ball, Mike." He's 2-for-2.


Fri Jun 03 01:32:06 2011 #FinalsGm2 Jason Terry looked scared out there

Fri Jun 03 01:32:43 2011 #FinalsGm2 nobody splits the double team better RT @mBunchHeat: Dwyane Wade is a goshdarn snake.

Fri Jun 03 01:33:18 2011 #FinalsGm2 nice job by @mchalmers15 finding #UD for the baseline jumper

Fri Jun 03 01:34:09 2011 #FinalsGm2 We all anticipate Bibby misses RT @ByTimReynolds: It's like LeBron saw that Bibby miss coming. He was (cont)

Fri Jun 03 01:34:44 2011 #FinalsGm2 When is Marion gonna learn u can't let @KingJames step into 3s?

Fri Jun 03 01:35:19 2011 #FinalsGm2 LMAO! RT @SEANesweeney: Peja would get merked in the WNBA right now

Fri Jun 03 01:35:57 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @Shandel_HeatNBA: So much for Rick Carlise preaching to his team the past two days about blocking out

Fri Jun 03 01:36:50 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @1livestew: Damn @KingJames, tell'em why U MAD Son! #fb

Fri Jun 03 01:38:19 2011 #FinalsGm2 I like it @m33m RT @MiamiHeraldHeat: Mike Miller slapping at Dirk's left hand at first opportunity.

Fri Jun 03 01:38:52 2011 #FinalsGm2 Don't we all RT @Tricia2fab: love heat defense

Fri Jun 03 01:39:22 2011 #FinalsGm2 @KingJames is mind-fucking Marion right now...

Fri Jun 03 01:41:14 2011 #FinalsGm2 Barea on @mchalmers15 = ALL DAY 4 RIO. Easy buckets.

Fri Jun 03 01:41:59 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @Shandel_HeatNBA: Two dunk attempts for Haywood in the series: One missed, and one blocked.

Fri Jun 03 01:44:36 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @mySynergySports: LeBron hadn't hit a three going left on an iso in the playoffs until right then, he also hadn't taken one.

Fri Jun 03 01:47:42 2011 #FinalsGm2 GODDAMN @dwadeofficial SPLITS 4 DEFENDERS FOR THE LAYUP!

Fri Jun 03 01:48:55 2011 #FinalsGm2 Soon as @MiamiHEAT stop turning the ball over, they'll take the lead

Fri Jun 03 01:50:04 2011 #FinalsGm2 LET 'EM KNOW @m33m - I saw Barea try to knee you in the face!

Fri Jun 03 01:51:59 2011 #FinalsGm2 YO... @dwadeofficial HAD HIS HEAD ABOVE THE RIM WHEN HE DUNKED BACK BOSH'S MISSED LAYUP!

Fri Jun 03 01:52:33 2011 #FinalsGm2 @dwadeofficial is in the middle of a berserker rage right now!

Fri Jun 03 01:53:37 2011 #FinalsGm2 Maybe @scottiepippen was right on @KingJames RT @heraldgutierrez: MJ's fadeaways never came from that far away... I'm just sayin'

Fri Jun 03 01:54:09 2011 #FinalsGm2 This shit has to stop... RT @ByTimReynolds: 99th game of the season. 2nd time Heat shot 0 free throws in first quarter.

Fri Jun 03 01:56:49 2011 #FinalsGm2 Finally a fucking shooting foul

Fri Jun 03 01:59:16 2011 #FinalsGm2 Bosh is gonna have to do something else to contribute until he gets some easy buckets. His offense has been terrible last 4 qtrs

Fri Jun 03 01:59:59 2011 #FinalsGm2 3pt play 4 @KingJames - I'll take it.

Fri Jun 03 02:03:32 2011 #FinalsGm2 I feel a tech coming on...

Fri Jun 03 02:08:15 2011 #FinalsGm2 @MiamiHEAT doing a good job at the rim. Seems like a lot of blocks & forced misses by Mavs

Fri Jun 03 02:10:48 2011 #FinalsGm2 You know it's a bad night at the line when @mchalmers15 misses 2 FTs in a row

Fri Jun 03 02:13:21 2011 #FinalsGm2 @mchalmers15 & @m33m causing havoc on D. @dwadeofficial tying the game from 3. #LETSGOHEAT

Fri Jun 03 02:13:45 2011 #FinalsGm2 Word up... RT @pinedaNBA_HEAT: thanks joey for trying even out the foul calls

Fri Jun 03 02:14:47 2011 #FinalsGm2 Mavs didn't score in last 2:57 of half RT @NBA: Great team play for Mavs w/ 51-42 lead w/ 2:57 left (cont)

Fri Jun 03 02:18:48 2011 #FinalsGm2 D will lockdown in 2nd half RT @EthanJSkolnick: Most the Heat has scored in a regulation game in (cont)

Fri Jun 03 02:35:25 2011 #FinalsGm2 Bosh has gotta stop getting stripped on those drives. Has to work on that in offseason

Fri Jun 03 02:36:38 2011 #FinalsGm2 @chrisbosh returns the favor to Dirk - strips him, passes 2 bibby, who outlets to @dwadeofficial who feeds @KingJames 4 the dunk

Fri Jun 03 02:37:40 2011 #FinalsGm2 @dwadeofficial goes around the back on Dirk and goes in for the reverse dunk! #LETSGOHEAT

Fri Jun 03 02:41:27 2011 #FinalsGm2 MIA winning 2 of 4 factors: Shooting & TOs. Those are the 2 most important.

Fri Jun 03 02:41:59 2011 #FinalsGm2 Bosh missing easy shots...


Fri Jun 03 02:45:53 2011 #FinalsGm2 c'mon, Bosh. Get your feet underneath you & be big!

Fri Jun 03 02:47:24 2011 #FinalsGm2 Maybe it's against the laws of physics for Bibby & Chalmers to both have their shot going in the same game...

Fri Jun 03 02:48:06 2011 #FinalsGm2 Lol RT @missdaiana: Who is this Bibby guy? #Heat

Fri Jun 03 02:49:20 2011 #FinalsGm2 1st it was Jrue Holiday. Then it was Delonte West. Next it was Luol Deng. Now it's Shawn Marion. He's starting to piss me off...

Fri Jun 03 02:49:48 2011 #FinalsGm2 Does Brian Cardinal = the white flag?

Fri Jun 03 02:51:23 2011 #FinalsGm2 Damn, after finally getting his shot going & draining his 4th 3, Bibby gets poked in the eye. Too good 2 last, I guess...

Fri Jun 03 02:52:38 2011 #FinalsGm2 Of course, it was Brian Cardinal that hit Bibby in the eye. Probably why Carlisle put him in... "Take out Bibby"

Fri Jun 03 02:54:10 2011 @Dahaitianb3ast Yup. 5 game winning streak on that VS. Marion must've been drinking trying to dunk on The Warden #FinalsGm2

Fri Jun 03 02:54:39 2011 #FinalsGm2 Guess not RT @Shandel_HeatNBA: Guess there won't be any questions in the post-game asking Wade if he's injured.

Fri Jun 03 02:57:21 2011 #FinalsGm2 Too bad I predicting a big gm 4 him RT @heraldgutierrez: Bosh can't get a roll or a foul call tonight.... 7-of-30 for the series.

Fri Jun 03 02:59:51 2011 #FinalsGm2 The Warden is BLOCKING EVERYTHING out there!

Fri Jun 03 03:00:21 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @ByTimReynolds: Huge basket for Bosh, who had been 3-22 in his last four-plus quarters.

Fri Jun 03 03:03:21 2011 #FinalsGm2 I needed a Kevin Harlan "No regard for human life!" call on that last dunk by @KingJames

Fri Jun 03 03:05:57 2011 #FinalsGm2 LMAO! RT @SuryaHeatNBA: So I thought Bibby's shot was going to make a Twitter retirement video as well. Spoke too soon I guess.

Fri Jun 03 03:10:34 2011 #FinalsGm2 :-) RT @Doug2LiveStews: Lol...Juwan Howard is the new ML Carr! #fb

Fri Jun 03 03:12:11 2011 #FinalsGm2 Hey @mcuban - didn't your coach & players say they wanted to play uptempo? How's THAT Decision working out? Not. At. All.

Fri Jun 03 03:15:34 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @EthanJSkolnick: Nine of Wade's 12 baskets tonight are inside 5 feet.

Fri Jun 03 03:16:17 2011 #FinalsGm2 Barea can't guard him RT @DuckkettZ: Chalmers that's how you drive, for now on thats how you drive!!

Fri Jun 03 03:16:50 2011 #FinalsGm2 @mchalmers15 RT @MeLLiiMeL12: <3 <3 <3 #MarioChalmers !!!!

Fri Jun 03 03:17:43 2011 #FinalsGm2 #UD thugging it out... Retaliation for Mavs hacking LeBron?

Fri Jun 03 03:18:31 2011 #FinalsGm2 @chrisbosh HAS ROARED!

Fri Jun 03 03:19:55 2011 #FinalsGm2 another myth busted RT @Takahoopshi: Dirk Nowitzki, the nation's "Last Hope" has 15 pts on 16 shots, 4 TOs. So much for that.

Fri Jun 03 03:20:44 2011 #FinalsGm2 @mchalmers15 drives baseline & feeds @dwadeofficial FOR THREE! IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING SHOW OUT THERE!!!

Fri Jun 03 03:22:06 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @chrisperk: Mavs scored just 40 2nd-half pts in Game 1. They have 22 so far tonite.

Fri Jun 03 03:22:35 2011 #FinalsGm2 2 shots. Dunks & 3s RT @Bouncex3: RT @AnaheimAmigos: Miami's shot chart is going to make it look like they only made one shot.

Fri Jun 03 03:23:52 2011 #FinalsGm2 Tell @mchalmers15 RT @dan_d_bear: Rio chalmers: hey JJ, tell me how my ass tastes!!! (cont)

Fri Jun 03 03:24:16 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @DavidDwork: Miami has scored 23 points off of 15 Dallas turnovers...and counting

Fri Jun 03 03:27:47 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @heraldgutierrez: Everybody have fun tonight.... Everybody put-back dunk tonight.

Fri Jun 03 03:28:08 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @MiamiHeraldHeat: Dallas begins 4th 1 of 8. That was Mavs' 18th turnover of the game.

Fri Jun 03 03:29:02 2011 #FinalsGm2 Playoffs Edition RT @Takahoopshi: RT @wade_county: Congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning the 2011 Dunk Contest.

Fri Jun 03 03:29:58 2011 #FinalsGm2 LOL! RT @ByTimReynolds: 36 for Wade. Heat up 15. LeBron punches Wade in chest twice. Flying seat cover advisory.

Fri Jun 03 03:31:34 2011 #FinalsGm2 @dwadeofficial is simply the best! RT @chrisperk: Wade just stood on seat on bench and cheered on fans. Place goin' crazy.

Fri Jun 03 03:37:47 2011 #FinalsGm2 Great D. Now get a score.

Fri Jun 03 03:38:12 2011 #FinalsGm2 Great tipout by @dwadeofficial

Fri Jun 03 03:39:32 2011 #FinalsGm2 RT @ByTimReynolds: 31 points off turnovers is a Heat franchise playoff record.

Fri Jun 03 03:42:07 2011 #FinalsGm2 Nice shot, Dirk. Watch @dwadeofficial & @KingJames close this out.

Fri Jun 03 03:43:39 2011 #FinalsGm2 MOTHERFUCKING BIG SHOT @mchalmers15 - EST. 2008

Fri Jun 03 03:44:07 2011 #FinalsGm2 THERE AIN'T #NOTHING2BEAFRAIDOF

Fri Jun 03 03:44:49 2011 #FinalsGm2 Not. Even. @mchalmers15 cool as other side of the pillow RT @Smooth_Operatah: Miami is choking worse than Oklahoma City.

Fri Jun 03 03:47:11 2011 #FinalsGm2 Fuck. Of course they did... This team's ego always comes back to bite them.

Fri Jun 03 03:48:52 2011 #FinalsGm2 Still not ready 2 change my plane tix 4 next Sun nite cuz I still don't think MIA will be playing. 3 in a row in Dallas, why not?

Fri Jun 03 03:51:52 2011 #FinalsGm2 I'll say this about Spo. The 1 mistake he made was burning all the timeouts. Inbound at halfcourt changes everything.

Fri Jun 03 03:56:31 2011 #FinalsGm2 I don't even feel like running the #HeatProduced numbers for this fucking game...

Fri Jun 03 04:00:14 2011 #FinalsGm2 Why does it seem like every time Bibby has a good shooting night, the Heat lose? 1st CLE, now this.

Fri Jun 03 04:09:14 2011 #FinalsGm2 I can't even imagine what insane, annoying questions @iraheatbeat will ask Spo in the presser

Fri Jun 03 04:10:02 2011 #FinalsGm2 It's all good, they're entertainers. Ratings for Game 3 will be historic as all the haters get in front of their TV set.

Fri Jun 03 04:12:51 2011 #NowPlaying #FinalsGm2 postgame on Spo looks like he's aged 10 years... Damn

Fri Jun 03 04:26:18 2011 #NowPlaying #FinalsGm2 postgame on 3 words - Fuck. Shawn. Marion.

Fri Jun 03 05:04:06 2011 #NowPlaying #FinalsGm2 presser on @dwadeofficial handled the "celebration" question PERFECTLY. Shut that shit down.

Fri Jun 03 05:08:06 2011 #NowPlaying #FinalsGm2 presser: The #DeadBasketballPoetsSociety has determined that "celebration" is the theme for this game... SMMFH

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