Monday, June 6, 2011

Heat Shit List: The Rise of Gregg Doyel

A reporter tried to show up LeBron James at the Game 3 post-game press conference and two things happened: he got shutdown by the King and shot up the Heat Shit List rankings.

How stupid and obnoxious was Gregg Doyel's question? It was so stupid and obnoxious that he's now ranked 2nd on the Heat Shit List ahead of Ric Bucher! Doyel is only second to the catch-all entity of "All Haters."

Doyel's question was stupid because LeBron has scored nine points on 11 shots in fourth quarters of the 2011 NBA Finals. Five of those shots have been three-point attempts. In the regular season, LeBron averaged 1.08 points per shot which translates to 12 points on 11 shots. So if he had simply made one of the five three-pointers he's attempted, then would there really be anything to question? Has the hatred for LeBron gotten to the point that if he makes ONE less shot than could be expected, his superstardom gets questioned?


Here's the Heat Shit List Top 5 after Game 3 of the NBA Finals:
  1. All Haters
  2. Gregg Doyel
  3. Ric Bucher
  4. Doug Stewart, creator of the #fakeheatfan tag
  5. Pistons fans

Go to the Heat Shit List Page, check out the full list and rankings for the hater you despise the most and let them know how you feel on Twitter (make sure you tell them the #HeatShitList sent you). Think someone should be added to the list or needs to ranked higher? Send a tweet with the tag #HeatShitList to @mia_heat_index or leave a comment below.

If you're not sure how to spot a hater for the Heat Shit List, just follow these guidelines.

Now, let's give them haters some traveling music...

All stats for this post were taken from the Heat Produced Page.

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