Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Check: Mavs Played Like Hockey Goons Because They Were On Ice

No wonder the Dallas Mavericks played like Hockey Goons in the NBA Finals... They were on ice the whole time!

In the Finals recap, I explained why the Brian Cardinal foul on Dwyane Wade that resulted in a hip injury won the Mavs a title. Shortly after that, former Mavs assistant coach Dwayne Casey explained the coaching staff actually instructed the players to act like hockey goons and hip check any Heat players coming into the lane.

Heat Check: Coach Admits Mavs Played Like Hockey Goons To Put HEAT On Ice

In the July 25th issue of ESPN the Magazine, Ric Bucher explained the Mavs' use of cryotherapy  to reanimate the fossils of older players like Jason Kidd and Jason Terry.

Old Mavs, new tricks (Insider access required)

Do you know what you get when you put Mavs on ice? That's right, hockey goons.


  1. Sounds like the Heat need to add some players like Brian Cardinal.

  2. @brgulker:

    The NBA needs less Brian Cardinal, not more. Stop applying that Joe Dumars logic.