Monday, July 11, 2011

Heat Check: Yes, LeBron James Still Made the Right Decision

A year gone by and a loss in the NBA Finals don't change the fact that the Miami HEAT were a better fit for LeBron James than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

To commemorate the anniversary of LeBron's arrival in Miami, here's a link to an old article with updated numbers that illustrate why the 2011 Miami HEAT provided LeBron better teammates than his best team in Cleveland. The 2011 HEAT won eight less games than the 2009 Cavs, but that Cleveland team didn't even make it to the Finals.

So, what should LeBron do now that a year has passed? Enjoy his teammates in Miami. What should you do? Enjoy the article below.

Miami Heat Index: Heat Check: LeBron James Is In A Better Place Now

Bonus material: LeBron and the 2009 Cavs vs. Derrick Rose and the 2011 Bulls

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