Monday, August 29, 2011

Erik Spoelstra Earned an Extension, Not a Pink Slip

The "Fire Spo" crowd does not understand the masterful job Miami HEAT head coach Erik Spoelstra performed during the regular season and the playoffs last season.

Results of a poll at the Sun-Sentinel Miami HEAT blog show the majority of respondents think Erik Spoelstra should be fired. The headline for the blog post with the poll was, “Why not greater inspection of Spo’s failings?” The simple answer is there cannot be a great inspection of little failure.

Here’s a recap of Spo analysis from articles published during the playoffs and regular season:

The numbers say Spo was a strong coach until the very end. Does it really make sense for the HEAT to lose a good coach because Brian Cardinal played like a hockey goon?


  1. I'm curious, Mosi, what you think about not just minute allocations but rotations. I watched plenty Miami basketball this year, but not as much as you obviously.

    Did the rotations make sense?

    Did Spo always have one of LBJ or Wade on the floor (seems like a no brainer)?

    Did he start and play the right PG? This seems like a crucial question.

    Of course, had Miller and Haslem been healthy all year, no one would be asking these questions, because Miami would likely have the best record in basketball.

  2. @brgulker:

    The minute allocations are a reflection of the rotation. Spo's rotations have made sense each year he's coached the HEAT. Like most coaches, he's very regimented with his rotations and doesn't like to change them. He experimented with the rotation at times during the season to figure out the best lineups for an all-new team. I think he started the right PG more often than not. Arroyo had to start the season because Chalmers was injured. As Arroyo faltered & Chalmers got healthy, he switched. When Chalmers got hurt, he started Bibby and rode him until the wheels fell off in the playoffs. Then he went back to Chalmers, but it didn't matter since Wade was hurt.