Friday, August 19, 2011

Off the Index: NCAA & “The U” = Guns & Butter

Reporters like Charles Robinson, the Yahoo! writer that published the story on Nevin Shapiro and the University of Miami, are leeches sucking players dry just like the NCAA system they claim to expose.

Let me state a few things upfront:

While most of the sports media praises Robinson for his investigative journalism regarding NCAA violations at University of Miami, I’m going to take a different tact. He’s a leech. He’s a bloodsucker.

Any reporter that publishes an investigative report focusing on the millions of dollars going to college players instead of the billions of dollars going to the NCAA is a parasite making a living off the players’ fame, just like the NCAA.

Robinson told LeBatard that he sees himself in a different role.
“I think the role of the media is to continue to reveal this until that system is absolutely forced to correct itself. Believe me, I’ve been accused with UNC, USC, Ohio State, Oregon, multiple different investigations, as being someone who is a keystone cop for the NCAA. … I think my point is, as a journalist, my role is to always reveal the truth and if the system is broken, it will not fix itself unless it’s repeatedly stuck in the face of everyone — the institutions, the NCAA, the conference commissioners. You cannot fix something until you are forced to immediately confront the problem.”
If Robinson thinks throwing butter in the NCAA’s face will force them to confront the problem with college athletics, then either he’s a liar, stupid or thinks the listeners are idiots. Why would the NCAA care about butter when they’ve got guns? Millions of dollars spent on dinners, cars, parties, prostitutes, clothes and whatever else is all chump change compared to the billions of dollars the NCAA and BCS make from college basketball and college football.

How does publishing a story that will likely result in less scholarships for players help fix a system that exploits the players? The only person helped by Robinson’s story is Robinson. He gets praised while the college opportunities for football players in Miami will get razed.

If you think otherwise, then all I can offer you is a Ving Rhames quote, “Dumb motherfucker.”

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