Friday, September 23, 2011

Dwyane Wade vs. Ron Artest: Dance-Off

Ron Artest was voted off Dancing With The Stars this week, but is he still a better dancer than Dwyane Wade?

The blog was heavy with Troy Davis this week, so it's time to "laugh to keep from crying" as Q-Tip said on the classic A Tribe Called Quest track, Steve Biko. So let's have a few laughs with a funny debate.

Who's the better dancer: Wade in China...

...or Artest on DWTS?

Wade didn't do a lot against the Chinese breakdance team, but it didn't look like he had to since the Chinese breakers weren't that impressive. No one's going to confuse them with the legendary Rock Steady Crew.

Artest was trained by a professional and you could see some of that training paid off. On the other hand, he looked absolutely bizarre. He looked a little crazy with his facial expressions, the blond hair and blond goatee. Plus, his moves seemed pretty stiff and it looked like he was mouthing the steps during the performance.

The winner of the dance-off is... Wade. 

Little to no dancing is better than what Artest did and Wade gets extra bonus points for that cabbage patch against the Oklahoma City Thunder after he dunked on Perkins.

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