Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heat Check: One Love to Heat Fans

This is a shout out and thanks to all the Miami Heat fans that did their part to spread the word on Troy Davis.

Heat fans can be frustrating when they want to fire Erik Spoelstra after a five-game losing streak, trade Mike Miller after an injury-plagued season or bench Mario Chalmers after a bad turnover, but they can also be great fans and a great group for the exchange of ideas. This week was definitely a case of the latter.

The response to the Troy Davis case was tremendous and inspiring. The article, "Heat Check: Too Quiet on Troy Davis?" was read over 1000 times on Bleacher Report despite the fact it was not promoted on their Heat pages.

No article from this blog ever received 1000 reads without being placed on the front page until today. Thanks to you, Heat fans, the second article from this blog on Troy Davis, "Troy Davis & Miami Heat: Silent But Deadly" was placed in the lead spot on Bleacher Report's Heat page for most of Thursday.

Please vote in the poll at Bleacher Report asking whether you're disappointed in the relative silence of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh on Troy Davis. If you are disappointed, then what did you want them to say? Leave a comment on this page or at this article: "Troy Davis: What I Wish Miami Heat Would've Said..."

I just wanted express my gratitude to all the Heat fans that allow me to follow them on Twitter and engage in conversation. You are appreciated.

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