Thursday, October 13, 2011

HEAT Shit List: Anniversary Edition

This week marked the one-year anniversary of the Heat Shit List, and the Miami Heat’s biggest haters — the Dallas Mavericks, Charles Barkley, Dead Basketball Poets Society and ESPN — show no signs of slowing down.

The Heat Shit List had not been updated since Game 3 of the NBA Finals and things have changed a lot in the last four months.

Shit talkers like Mark Cuban, DeShawn Stevenson and Jason Terry powered the Mavs to the top of the list with a lot of help from a deluded fan base celebrating its first championship and bums like JJ Barea. The Top 25 haters from the Heat Shit List’s first year are listed below.

Heat Shit List Top 25
1. @dallasmavs
2. Charles Barkley (@NBAonTNT)
3. All Haters
4. Doug Stewart, Creator of #fakeheatfan (@Doug2LiveStews)
5. @greggdoyelcbs (reporter that asked LeBron James about shrinking in the fourth quarter of Game 3 in the Finals)
6. @ESPN
6. @RicBucher
8. Club Liv (@livmiami)
9. Mark Cuban (@mcuban)
9. Dirk Nowitzki (@swish41)
11. @arturogalletti (blogger for the Wages of Wins Network)
11. Pistons fans
13. Cavs fans
13. Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33)
15. Dead Basketball Poets Society
16. DeShawn Stevenson
17. JJ Barea
17. Dan Gilbert, Cavs owner (@cavsdan)
17. Jason Terry (@jasonterry31)
20. My brother (@BlackDiamonds4)
21. ESPN (@RealSkipBayless)
21. Ira Winderman, Sun-Sentinel Heat beat reporter (@iraheatbeat)
21. Andres Alvarez (@nerdnumbers)
21. Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA)
25. Mavs fans
25. Lil Wayne (@Liltunechi)

As illustrated by the Top 25, the biggest change to the Heat Shit List was the Mavs with seven entries. The Mavs and their fans combined for 20 percent of the tweets on the Heat Shit List.

While the Mavs and their fans formed the biggest group of haters, they weren’t the only group of haters against the Heat. The five largest groups on the Heat Shit List are listed below.

Heat Shit List Top 5 by Category
  1. Mavs Team & Fans (20%)
  2. NBA Fans (15%)
  3. Dead Basketball Poets Society (13%)
  4. ESPN (12%)
  5. Turner Sports (8%)

Miami Heat fans expected fans of other NBA teams to hate on the Heat, but the hatred from NBA reporters and analysts on radio and TV was unexpected and unprofessional. The Heat received as much hate from the NBA’s two biggest TV partners as they got from their rivals in the NBA Finals!

Hatred from ESPN came from all its media platforms and properties. Ric Bucher and Skip Bayless provided the most hate on radio and television while Simmons’ whining ass was ESPN’s player-hater president online.

Everyone from Turner Sports took a shot at the Heat at some point during the season, but no one took more shots than Barkley. From the off-season to the post-season, Barkley’s hatred never waned even though his statements were always exposed as hypocritical.

With all that hatred the Heat received from ESPN and Turner Sports while bringing them record TV ratings, Dwyane Wade should wig out on Barkley the way he went after David Stern or the way Floyd Mayweather went in on Larry Merchant.

If there’s another NBA season the Heat players should follow Mayweather’s lead and refuse ALL interviews with ESPN and Turner Sports until they clean up their act.

If the media continue to hate on the Heat next season, it won’t affect the Heat faithful. Local followers of the team can watch the Sun Sports broadcast and fans around the world will just let it roll off there back.

If there’s one thing Heat fans have learned in the first year of the Heat Shit List, then it’s this: “A hater’s job is never done, but not a single fuck is given.”

Shout out to Heat fan Tracy Monique (@MzMiamiHeatTH) for the ending quote!

Go to the Heat Shit List Page, check out the full list and rankings for the hater you despise the most and let them know how you feel on Twitter (make sure you tell them the #HeatShitList sent you). Think someone should be added to the list or needs to ranked higher? Send a tweet with the tag #HeatShitList to @mia_heat_index or leave a comment below.

If you're not sure how to spot a hater for the Heat Shit List, just follow these guidelines.

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