Saturday, October 15, 2011

HEATcast: Big 3 Classic to End the Lockout

Will the Miami Heat play a game at American Airlines Arena this season?

Bloggers from the Miami Heat Index and discussed whether there will be an NBA season, the lockout's impact on American Airlines Arena employees and local businesses, an NBA 3-on-3 tournament in Las Vegas, the difference between MLB and NBA playoffs, Stephen A. Smith's rant about LeBron James and Week 6 picks for the Heat players' favorite NFL teams.

HEATcast Details

Part One
The first part of the podcast was a discussion of whether or not there will be an NBA season this year.

Part Two
The second part of the podcast discussed the following topics: 
  • Impact of the NBA lockout on waitresses at the Hooters near American Airlines Arena
  • How to end the lockout with the Big Three Classic 3-on-3 Tournament
  • The difference between MLB and NBA playoffs
  • HEAT Shit List Nominee of the Week: Stephen A. Smith
  • Reporters rooting for the owners to crush the players in the lockout

Alfredo's Week 6 NFL Predictions
Alfredo is 14-7 with his picks this season for the Heat players' favorite teams. His Week 6 picks are listed below.

American Airlines Arena photo courtesy of Bob B. Brown. This podcast was inspired by E.J. Fischer.

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