Thursday, November 3, 2011

HEAT Check: How Will Miami Heat Beat the Hate to Win a Title?

The difference between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals was not the difference between love and hate, it was the difference between Dwyane Wade being healthy and Wade struggling with a hip contusion courtesy of the hockey goon, Brian Cardinal.

Wade told Team USA Coach Mike Kryzewski on his satellite radio show that the Heat 'played off hatred' last season, according to an Associated Press report from the Chicago Tribune, and that's why they didn't win a championship.

This blog already documented the real reason the Heat lost the Finals was because Wade's injury limited him on both ends of the floor and that was clearly illustrated in the numbers.

However, let's say Wade is right. How do the Heat resist the urge to play off the hatred that will be thrown at them if there's another NBA season? How do they resist the urge to prove all the haters wrong, just for the spite of it?

Maybe a Jedi master can train the Three Kings to resist the power of the dark side so they can get busy winning those eight titles LeBron James promised.

Maybe Pat Riley should hire a sports psychologist to help the Heat avoid playing off the hate. Maybe Wade's love of the game will overcome the fans' hate. Maybe Heat fans should try to buy out the arenas on the road to reduce the amount of hate the team has to face.

All those suggestions and more won't change the fact that if the Three Kings are healthy for the duration of their next NBA Finals, then they will win their first championship together. Their health just won't get the credit for beginning their dynasty.

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