Sunday, November 13, 2011

Juan Marquez Showed Manny Pacquiao Not In Floyd Mayweather's Class

Manny Pacquiao’s performance in his third fight against Juan Manuel Marquez showed two flaws: his trainer Freddie Roach is overconfident and Pacquiao is only half as good as Floyd Mayweather.

Arrogant Roach
Roach thought Pacquiao was such a different fighter that he would take Marquez apart and knock him out. Instead, Marquez left Pacquiao bleeding from the mouth with effective counter-punches.

There was no reason for Pacquiao’s camp to set up a fight with Marquez. They picked the fight because they thought it would be an easy win like the rest of the tomato cans he’s destroyed. Their gross miscalculation of Marquez’s ability as a counter-puncher resulted in Pacquiao hanging his head as he walked back to his corner after the fight.

Anything Roach says about Pacquiao’s ability to beat Mayweather can no longer be trusted. His bad judgment almost cost Pacquiao a chance to fight Mayweather.

Pacquiao’s Half As Good As Mayweather

Here are the CompuBox numbers for Pacquiao-Marquez III:
  • Total Punches Landed/Thrown: Pacquiao (176/578, 30%), Marquez (138/436, 32%)
  • Jabs Landed/Thrown: Pacquiao (59/304, 19%), Marquez (38/182, 21%)
  • Power Punches Landed/Thrown: Pacquiao (117/274, 43%), Marquez (100/354, 39%)

Here are the CompuBox numbers for Mayweather-Marquez:
  • Total Punches Landed/Thrown: Mayweather (290/493, 59%), Marquez (69/583, 12%)
  • Jabs Landed/Thrown: Mayweather (185/316, 59%), Marquez (21/288, 7%)
  • Power Punches Landed/Thrown: Mayweather (105/177, 59%), Marquez (48/295, 16%)

Marquez landed twice as many punches on Pacquiao than he landed on Mayweather. This line from the CompuBox Punch Stat Report sums up Mayweather’s defense: “Total domination by Floyd who held Marquez to single digit connects in every round.” Marquez landed double-digit punches on Pacquiao in 10 of 12 rounds.

Most boxing fans knew that Mayweather outclassed Pacquiao defensively, so let’s talk offense.

Mayweather threw 85 less punches than Pacquiao against Marquez, but Floyd landed 114 more.

Mayweather’s weapon of choice was the jab and he landed 126 more of them on Marquez than Pacquiao did, despite the fact he only threw 12 more jabs than Manny..

Pacquiao’s know for his power and he did land 12 more power punches on Marquez than Mayweather, but Manny threw 97 more power punches than Floyd.

Boxing fans love to say that styles make fights. Marquez fights with a counter-puncher style just like Mayweather and Pacquiao struggled. Mayweather dominated Marquez with twice the efficiency that Pacquiao showed.

Don’t listen me, listen to Marquez long before Pacquiao agreed to a third fight.

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