Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NBA Lockout: Derek Fisher and the Passion of Uncle Ruckus

Jason Whitlock’s claim that NBPA President Derek Fisher had a side deal with David Stern was as false and ludicrous as the prophecy of Uncle Ruckus in The Boondocks cartoon.

Why Uncle Ruckus Makes No Sense
Whitlock claimed in his column at that it’s obvious Fisher has a side deal with the NBA commissioner. He believes this because Fisher discussed a deal with the NBA based on the NBPA taking 50 percent of basketball-related income (according to a “source”) and because Fisher’s predecessor, Michael Curry, got a job in the league office.

How the fuck is that evidence Fisher’s on the take?

First, NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter said the players association may be willing to accept 50 percent of BRI if the NBA agreed to their other demands regarding salary cap exceptions, luxury tax, contract length, etc.

Fisher doing his job is evidence that he’s on the take?

Second, what the fuck does Curry have to do with Fisher? Do they share the same mind? Are they doppelgangers?

If Fisher is just like Curry, then why is that a bad thing? Didn’t Curry negotiate the old collective bargaining agreement that the NBA said was so terrible they had to opt-out of it and lockout the players until they got a better deal?

Third, if Fisher was on the take, then why did he call the NBA liars two weeks ago? That’s not something people do to their partner and future employer.

Doing the Unthinkable: Defending Kobe
As idiotic as Whitlock’s claim about Fisher was, his claim that Kobe Bryant was also pushing for the NBPA to accept 50 percent of BRI was just complete horseshit.

First, Kobe reportedly hijacked an earlier round of negotiations by joining Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to tell the NBA the players would not accept 50 percent of BRI.

Second, Kobe put his own money into the NBPA’s lockout fund to help players financially during the lockout (see the article NBA Lockout: Dollars & De-Certification). There’s no need for a lockout fund if the goal is a deal with 50 percent of BRI because that offer is already on the table.

The whole premise seems about as true as this Funny or Die parody:

White Noise
Faulty analysis like Whitlock’s is what’s wrong with most reporting during the NBA lockout. It’s largely white noise. The same people with shitty sources that led to nothing but confusion regarding LeBron James’ free agency or Carmelo Anthony’s mid-season trade have the same problem with sources inside the NBPA. 

That’s why Adrian Wojnarowski’s latest bullshit attack on Hunter cites “a league source” and the vague “player involved in the labor process” (you know, could be any one of 450 players) when discussing problems with the NBPA and Billy Hunter. He has no legit connections with the players or their union.

Combine shitty sources with shitty critical-thinking skills and you get garbage like Wojnarowski and Whitlock’s columns. They’re long on opinions and page views but short on truth and substance.

That’s why Whitlock’s claims don’t make sense on any level. 

If Fisher’s lawyers have their way, then the price of his false prophecy will be his credibility. Whatever was left of it.

Maybe white noise is the best way to get into white heaven.

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