Monday, November 7, 2011

NBA Lockout Theme Music: I See by Medina Green feat. Mos Def

There's a simple, but powerful, message for the National Basketball Players Association in the lyrics of the song "I See" by Medina Green and Mos Def.

As the 30 NBPA player representatives convene to discuss the NBA's ultimatum, they should play these lyrics as background music during the discussion:

I see
Today's mathematics like this, god
Don't depend on no one
To put food on your table

The players don't have to take the NBA's ultimatum because they have options:
  • Wait for an injunction from the NLRB or an anti-trust lawsuit or
  • Start their own league.

The articles listed below explained those options in more detail.

UPDATED: William Rhoden, NY Times columnist, also added another option for the players during collective bargaining - NBA Needs a Drastically Different Approach

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