Thursday, November 3, 2011

NBA Lockout: Wages of Wins Network Renegade

The fact that the Miami Heat Index is the only renegade blog on the Wages of Wins Network that thinks the NBPA will "win" in negotiations during the NBA lockout is a good thing.

The list below outlines who the Wages of Wins Network bloggers think will "win" the NBA lockout.

That's a lot of misses for a network of blogs that's supposed to be "Taking aim at the lies and damned lies in sports..."

The Eastern Conference Finals was the last time this blog was the lone renegade on an issue. Everyone knows how that turned out.


  1. I don't want them to lose, but it seems like a fact that they already have lost millions in concessions, they've lost flexibility in the system, and they lose more with each chunk of games cancelled.

    I've read everything you've written about the lockout, but I'm struggling to see any tangible area in which the owners haven't beat the players into submission.

    In my view, the only win left for the players is to learn from this loss, and next time we approach the end of a CBA, strike when it will cost the owners, not the players.

  2. @brgulker:

    Players have lost nothing. Games canceled? Means nothing because they knew 2 yrs ago the owners were going to cancel those games. As for their reported concessions, they're just that - reported.

    Until a new CBA is signed, nothing is lost. It's all #WhiteNoise.