Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dwyane Wade: Best Christmas Player in the NBA Has the Biggest Beef, Too

There will be a lot of big stars with big beefs taking the court this Christmas, but none of them will be better - or have more beef - than Dwyane Wade.

Last year, the article NBA Christmas Carol at Bleacher Report used the Wins Produced stat to show that Wade was on pace to produce more wins on Christmas than any active NBA player. See the HEAT Produced page for more info on Wins Produced.

Here's an excerpt from the NBA Christmas Carol article:

With 1.2 wins produced, Dwyane Wade has the third-highest Christmas production this century after Tracy McGrady (1.299 wins produced) and Shaquille O'Neal (1.276 wins produced).

Since the Christmas lights starting dimming on the careers of those two a few years ago, Wade is poised to take over the top of the Christmas list right away.

A sore knee limited his performance against the Lakers this year to an estimated 0.074 Wins Per 48 minutes (WP48) and 0.056 wins produced in 36 minutes. If Wade had been healthy and hit his Christmas average of 0.248 WP48, then he would have passed T-Mac for the No. 1 spot this Christmas.

Wade is healthy this Christmas and he's playing a team he dominated in the Finals until he was injured in Game 5 by the hockey goon Brian Cardinal and was robbed of a title and Finals MVP award. Throw the weak defense of Vince Carter in the mix with a motivated Wade and it should be an epic performance that solidifies his spot as the NBA's Father Christmas.

Doing it against the Mavs is just a bonus. "All unfinished beef, you will soon be killed..."

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