Monday, December 12, 2011

HEAT Check: November 2011

Franchise players, the lockout and the NFL were the hottest topics in November at the Miami Heat Index until the NBA and NBPA reached a tentative agreement to bring basketball back.

Most Popular Articles of the Month
The top three articles at the MHI blog in November are listed below.

1. New Money: Why the NBA’s New Max Salary Means Mo’ Money & Mo’ Problems

The new max salary provision from the tentative agreement between the NBA and the Players Association illustrated two key points: star players are underpaid and no other team will have three max players to compete with the Miami Heat. The HEATcast David Stern Destroys the Competition discussed how the NBA may plan to keep it that way after vetoing the Chris Paul trade.

2. Basketball Never Stops but It Changes: Nike Ads from 1998 and 2011 Lockouts

The difference between Nike's Basketball Never Stops ad campaign during the 2011 NBA lockout and the "Start the Season" commercials run during the 1998 lockout told fans what they didn't want to hear: get used to life without NBA basketball.

3. Wages of Wins Network Renegade

The Miami Heat Index was the only renegade blog on the Wages of Wins Network that thought the NBPA would "win" in negotiations during the NBA lockout. On the HEATcast: Power & Money in the NBA Lockout, some bloggers from the WoW network began to agree with that point of view. Of course, the lockout ended the day after the podcast was published.

Most Underrated Articles of the Month
The top three articles for subscribers to the MHI blog in November are listed below.

1. Lessons from the History of NBA Labor: Antitrust & Decertification

The History of NBA Labor and the disclaimer of interest filed by the National Basketball Players Association on Monday showed that decertification and antitrust lawsuits have transitioned from an offensive collective bargaining strategy to a defensive one over time.

The disclaimer of interest worked for the NBPA as it got the owners to negotiate in good faith and brought the lockout to an end. The question, though, is whether the players should be negotiating with the NBA or just starting their own league?

2-3. Football Was King During the Lockout: NFL Week 11 and Week 12

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James enjoyed some college football between Oregon and USC in November, but their real passion is for the game on Sundays. Wade’s favorite team, the Chicago Bears, went 3-1 in November but lost their star quarterback and running back. LeBron and Chris Bosh’s favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, went 4-0 in November.

Here’s how the rest of the HEAT players’ favorite NFL teams did last month:

Most Popular Podcast of the Month

Bloggers from the Miami Heat Index and discussed NBA lockout boredom, Jerry West's dream game featuring the top 20 players in NBA history, whether Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning will make it into the Basketball Hall of Fame and the Week 10 picks for the Heat players' favorite NFL teams.

All Miami Heat Index articles published in November can be viewed here.

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