Sunday, December 4, 2011

HEAT Check: NFL Week 13

LeBron James and Kevin Durant played a flag football game on Wednesday, but how will the Heat players' favorite NFL teams fare in Sunday's games?

Alfredo Arteaga from went 3-1 with last week's picks. He's 37-18 for the season.

Bears vs. Chiefs
Alfredo picked Dwyane Wade's Bears to defend Soldier Field against the Chiefs and the possible return of Kyle Orton.

Dolphins vs. Raiders
Alfredo picked Udonis Haslem, James Jones and Eddie House's Dolphins to continue their home-winning streak by defeating the Raiders.

Vikings vs. Broncos
Alfredo picked Mike Miller's Vikings to get Tebow'd on Sunday.

Panthers at Buccaneers
Despite the Buccaneers' five-game losing streak, Alfredo picked Mario Chalmers' Panthers to lose in Tampa Bay.

Packers at Giants
Alfredo picked the Giants to hand Dexter Pittman's Packers their first loss of the season.

Cowboys at Cardinals
Alfredo picked LeBron James and Chris Bosh's Cowboys to defeat the Cards in Arizona.

If you don't trust Alfredo's picks (he's got a good record but Giants over Packers?), then here are the stats for the quarterback and running back of each HEAT player's favorite NFL team.

The spreadsheets below use two stats created by sports economist David Berri to measure the performance of NFL players: QB Score and RB Score. QB Score and RB Score are simple measures that take a player's net yards and subtract the impact of any turnovers to illustrate their production.

QB Score = All Yards – 3*All Plays – 30*All Turnovers
RB Score = All Yards – 3*All Plays – 30*Fumbles Lost

This spreadsheet lists the QB Score stats for this season.

This spreadsheet lists the RB Score stats for this season.

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