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HEATcast: Everything You Need To Know About the 2012 NBA Season Before It Happens

If you knew everything that would happen in the 2012 NBA season, then would you still watch it?

If not... Spoiler alert: bloggers from the Miami Heat Index, and Section 357 Show analyzed and predicted everything about the NBA from the pre-season to the 2012 Playoffs.

Podcast Details
Podcasters: Miami Heat Index, Alfredo Arteaga and Big Shot Ron
Recorded: December 23, 2011 at 6:05 PM ET
Duration: 31:55 (Part 1), 34:37 (Part 2), 24:12 (Part 3)
How to Listen: Play the audio embedded below, download Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3... or subscribe via iTunes

Companion Reading
The podcasters referenced the articles listed below during the discussion.

Miami Heat Index:

Big Shot Ron:

Part 1: From Christmas to the All-Star Game
The first part of the discussion included analysis of pre-season moves and big games on the schedule as well as predictions for Christmas Day and All-Star Weekend in Orlando (click link to download).

Biggest Pre-Season Improvements

Biggest Pre-Season Questions

Christmas Day Predictions
  • Celtics at Knicks: Knicks (MHI), Celtics (Alfredo & Big Shot Ron)
  • HEAT at Mavericks: HEAT
  • Bulls at Lakers: Bulls
  • Magic at Thunder: OKC
  • Clippers at Warriors: Clippers (MHI), GSW (Alfredo & Big Shot Ron)

Schedule Highlights
What are the biggest dates on the schedule after Christmas and before the All-Star Game?
  • MHI: 1/11/12 MIA @ LAC with a 10-game win streak on the line, 3/29/12 Mavs return to AAA, 4/19/12 Bulls come to AAA with first place in the East on the line
  • Alfredo:  12/30/11 CHI @ LAC will determine if Clippers are a title contender, 1/25/12 LAC @ LAL will determine who the Staples Center belongs to this season, 3/14/12 MIA @ CHI will test the HEAT on the road
  • Big Shot Ron: Bulls begin a nine-game road trip @ MIA on 1/29/12 that ends @ BOS on 2/12/12

All-Star Predictions

*Big Shot Ron covered his bets by picking  Terrence Williams or DeMar DeRozan if Dwight Howard doesn't enter the dunk contest.

Part 2: From the Trade Deadline to the Finals
The second part of the discussion predicted blockbuster trades and scandals and analyzed the winners, loser, pretenders and snoozers in each conference (click link to download).

Trade Predictions

Twitter Will Blow Up When...

The teams listed below are the title contenders this season.
  • East: HEAT, Bulls
  • West: Thunder, Mavs
  • Who wins the asterisk title? HEAT (MHI is the only podcaster that thinks the title will come with an asterisk)

The teams listed below will compete for the worst records in the league and probably won't be above tanking to get it.
  • East: Bobcats (MHI & Big Shot Ron), Cavs (Alfredo)
  • West: Jazz (MHI), Timberwolves (Alfredo & Big Shot Ron)
  • Who will get the #1 pick in the draft? Bobcats (MHI), Cavs (Alfredo), Hornets (Big Shot Ron)

The teams listed below will make the playoffs but won't make it out the first round.
  • East: Knicks (MHI & Alfredo), Celtics (Big Shot Ron)
  • West: Lakers (MHI & Alfredo), Blazers (Big Shot Ron)
  • Who gets fired? Mike D’Antoni (MHI & Alfredo), Vinny Del Negro (Big Shot Ron)

The teams listed below are sleepers that could upset a contender in the playoffs and make a surprise run for the Finals.
  • East: Celtics (MHI), Hawks (Alfredo), Bucks (Big Shot Ron - you have to listen to understand)
  • West: Clippers (MHI), Spurs (Alfredo), Lakers (Big Shot Ron)
  • Who will get the surprise contract? Kevin Garnett (MHI), Joe Johnson (Alfredo thinks he'll justify his existing contract), Scott Skiles (Big Shot Ron)

Part 3: Regular Season Awards
The third part of the discussion predicted the season's award winners and analyzed the five best players in the NBA that should make the All-NBA First Team (click link to download).

Award Tour

All-NBA First Team

End of the Season Surprises

This podcast was inspired by E.J. Fischer.

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