Friday, December 2, 2011

HEATcast Flashback: Free Agents

Five months ago, bloggers from the Miami Heat Index and discussed which players should be targeted in free agency to give the HEAT “more than enough” to win an NBA title next season. The conversation's still pretty relevant.

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Companion Reading
This podcast used Wins Produced, a statistical model created by sports economist David Berri from the Wages of Wins Journal, to measure how much a player's box score statistics contributed to their team's wins. An average player produces 0.100 wins per 48 minutes (WP48), a star player produces +0.200 WP48 and a superstar produces +0.300 WP48.

The players listed below were covered during the podcast.

Unrestricted Free Agents
Kris Humphries: 14.8 wins produced in 2061 minutes (0.344 WP48)
Samuel Dalembert: 5.6 wins produced in 1938 minutes (0.140 WP48)
Grant Hill: 4.9 wins produced in 2409 minutes (0.097 WP48)
Kenyon Martin (and his lips tattoo): 3.4 wins produced in 1233 minutes (0.132 WP48)
Chris Wilcox: 3.0 wins produced in 995 minutes (0.145 WP48) with 66 dunks (Juwan Howard had no dunks this season)
Kwame Brown: 1.9 wins produced in 1714 minutes (0.053 WP48)

Restricted Free Agents
DeAndre Jordan: 6.3 wins produced in 2047 minutes (0.147 WP48)
Thaddeus Young: 4.8 wins produced in 2135 minutes (0.108 WP48)
Joey Dorsey: 1.9 wins produced in 522 minutes (0.173 WP48)

This podcast was actually Part Two of a HEATcast recorded after the NBA draft. For discussion of Norris Cole and how the Heat's competition did in the draft, check out Part One.

This podcast was inspired by E.J. Fischer.


  1. Joey Dorsey is also off the list, as he's stuck overseas and can't sign an NBA contract.

  2. @DDignam:

    Forgot about that. Thanks for the correction.