Thursday, February 2, 2012

HEAT Check: LeBron James' Attempted Murder in Milwaukee

A few quick stats put the Miami HEAT's second loss to the Milwaukee Bucks this season in perspective.

Attempted Murder
When a player scores 40+ points on the road, they get a Murdered You On Your Own Shit Award if they win. Unfortunately, LeBron James won't be getting that award for his performance in Milwaukee on Wednesday night.

Wade Was Not the Problem
There were some HEAT fans on Twitter criticizing Dwyane Wade for Chris Bosh not getting enough shot attempts and interrupting LeBron's flow. Maybe the timing of Wade's shots can be questioned but he only took 17 shots in 37 minutes which is 22 shots per 48 minutes. His season average is 23.9 shots per 48 minutes. 

And for those criticizing Wade's production in the game, he produced a Win Score of 7 in 37 minutes. That translates to a 9.1 Win Score per 48 minutes which is well above the 5.8 WS48 he's produced this season but less than the 12.1 WS48 he produced last season.

Bosh took 10 shots in 38 minutes which translates to 13 shots per 48 minutes. His season average is 20 shots per 48 minutes. Bosh took a lot less shots than normal but it wasn't Wade's fault. 

LeBron took 24 shots in 40 minutes which translates to 29 shots per 48 minutes. He averages 25 shots per 48 minutes for the season. So some of Bosh's shots went to LeBron's hot hand. 

As for LeBron's flow in the game, the problem wasn't interruptions from Wade but interruptions from turnovers. The traveling calls on his way to seven turnovers killed his flow more than anything.

Blog Status
The HEAT Produced Page will be updated with stats from the last three games on Friday before the HEAT play the 76ers in Philly where they just buried the Bulls.

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