Thursday, February 16, 2012

HEAT Produced Page Updated after 3-0 Back-to-Back-to-Back

Dwyane Wade's production is back at the same level as last season after a slow start, but the bench led by Norris Cole is producing worse than last season's reserves. Overall, the team's production is about the same as it was last season. Those are the highlights from the latest update to the HEAT Produced Page.

The bench has produced an estimated 2.7 wins in 2744.8 minutes this season, which is equivalent to the production of a 19-win team. The only players providing above average production off the bench are Mike Miller and Terrel Harris (who's inactive most nights) while Udonis Haslem's production is just about average. Norris Cole is the least productive player on the HEAT with an estimated -0.6 wins produced.

Last season, the bench produced like a 24-win team without Haslem for most of the season (see the article Heat Check: Sixth Man of the Year & Ranking the Reserves). The only above average players off the bench last season were Miller, Haslem and Jamaal Magloire (who was inactive most nights).

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