Saturday, February 4, 2012

HEATcast: Dwyane Wade & LeBron James, Arrogance & All-Stars

Bloggers from the Miami HEAT Index and debated the cause and effect of the Miami HEAT's arrogance and predictions for the All-Star Reserves that will be announced next week.

Podcast Details
Podcasters: Miami Heat Index and Alfredo Arteaga
Recorded: February 3, 2012 at 6:02 PM ET
Duration: 54:00
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Companion Reading
The bloggers discussed the posts listed below during the podcast.

Are the HEAT too arrogant? 

All-Star Predictions
The All-Star game starters were announced on Thursday and next week the reserves will be announced.

The podcasters also made one more prediction... Will there be a better dunk in the NBA this season than Blake Griffin's dunk on Kendrick Perkins?

Alfredo said no but MHI said if LeBron can jump over John Lucas III for an alley oop, then he can top Blake's dunk, too.

This podcast was inspired by E.J. Fischer.


  1. EAST: Bosh, Smith, Iguadola, Allen, Johnson, Jennings, Monroe or Bargnani (dont feel good about those last 4 and open to other options)

    WEST: Westbrook, Aldridge, Love, Gay, Nash, Milsap or Jefferson, Parker or Lawson

    1. I don't think Bargnani, Monroe & Jennings have a shot because their teams aren't good enough. It's gonna be a tough sell to give the Hawks 2 spots when Pacers have a better record.

      Can't see Nash getting in when the Suns are below 0.500. I think Gallo may get in & get replaced, so I'd say Lawson has no shot. Spurs guaranteed a rep, so Parker's a lock. Don't think Gay makes it, either. Too many other teams in West have a better record than the Grizzlies.