Tuesday, March 6, 2012

HEAT Check: January & Februray 2012

Dwyane Wade's 30th birthday, last-second shots and all-star predictions were the most popular articles on this blog in January. LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant, a big game from LeBron in a bad loss against the Bucks and the best team Dwight Howard could join to beat the HEAT in the playoffs were the most popular blog posts in February.

Most Popular Articles from January
The top three articles at the MHI blog in January are listed below.

Dwyane Wade celebrated his 30th birthday in February. What should his fans expect in the future after he struggled with injuries at the beginning of this season?

The numbers explain why the Miami HEAT needed a game-winning alley oop to prevent the Minnesota Timberwolves from stealing a win at home.

Bloggers from the Miami Heat IndexHeatFreak.com and the Section 357 Show reviewed their pre-season predictions as the first month of the season reaches its end.

Most Popular Articles from February
The top three articles at the MHI blog in February are listed below.

There was a big problem with Larry Bird's comment about LeBron James.

A few quick stats put the Miami HEAT's second loss to the Milwaukee Bucks this season in perspective.

The NBA thinks the Chicago Bulls defense is a big problem but HEAT fans don't. The Miami Heat Index went behind enemy lines with sports economist David Berri to discuss whether the Chicago Bulls would improve if they traded for Dwight Howard or if the NBA's new revenue sharing plan helps small market teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder or Denver Nuggets compete for his services. The podcast also discussed comparisons of Paul Pierce to Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant to Magic Johnson, fake superstars and real title contenders.

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