Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chris Bosh and Norris Cole: It Ain't Where Ya' From, It's Where Ya' At

If Chris Bosh and Norris Cole followed Rakim's lead and played on the road the way they play at American Airlines Arena, then the Miami HEAT would have the best record in the NBA.

This article analyzes some home and road splits for HEAT players' production this season using stats from the HEAT Produced Page.


If the HEAT played on the road the same way they play at home, they would get...

...An estimated 2.5 more wins produced by Chris Bosh. The Third King's shooting 45% on the road this season but 54% at home. His shooting is one of the Keys to Greatness for the Miami HEAT.

...An est. 2.4 more wins produced by Norris Cole. The average rookie produces 0.050 WP48. Cole is an above average rookie at home this season with 0.074 est.WP48 but an atrocious rookie on the road with -0.129 est.WP48. Cole shoots, scores, rebounds, passes and defends without fouling better at home than on the road.

...An est. 1.1 more wins produced by Udonis Haslem. UD shot 41% on the road but 48% at Americans Airline Arena. This should change now that he's got his jumper back. UD's shot better than 50% in every game over the last two weeks.

Home/Road Splits

The spreadsheet below lists the estimated wins produced by HEAT players at home.

And this spreadsheet lists the estimated wins produced by HEAT players on the road.

Oddly enough, Shane Battier is more productive on the road (0.092 est.WP48) than at home (-0.003 est.WP48). Maybe he's stressed out for home games because someone is yelling, "Shaved Monkey Nuts!" in American Airlines Arena...

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