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HEATcast: 2012 HEAT Awards & White Hot Playoff Matchups

Who are the most valuable Miami HEAT players, coaches and executives? Alfredo Arteaga from joined the Miami Heat Index to hand out awards for the regular season and predict the best home games for the upcoming white hot post-season.

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Podcasters: Miami Heat Index and Alfredo Arteaga
Recorded: April 20, 2012 at 6:00 PM ET
Duration: 1:03:35
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2012 HEAT Awards
The podcasters handed out awards for the 2012 HEAT Coach of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Executive of the Year, Citizenship Award, Most Improved Player, Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, Sportsmanship Award, All-HEAT Team and All-HEAT Defensive Team. If you're feeling nostalgic, then check out the 2011 HEAT Awards. NOTE: All stats cited in this article are after 53 games.

Coach of the Year Award

  • MHI - Askins
  • Alfredo - McAdoo
    • Erik Spoelstra
    • Bob McAdoo: "works primarily with the HEAT big men... is in charge of charting the team’s offensive efficiency and focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of opponents' big men."
    • Keith Askins: "works extensively with the HEAT’s forwards. His primary duties include the development of Miami’s players both during the season and in the off-season."
    • Ron Rothstein: Primarily responsible for the defense
    • David Fizdale: works with the guards and "assisting in the areas of player development, scouting, game preparation"
    • Chad Kammerer: Former advance scout, now "assisting in the areas of game planning, scouting, player development"
    • Octavio De La Grana: "responsible for working with individual players in developing their game. He also serves as an advance scout, responsible for creating scouting reports of upcoming opponents."

Companion Reading: For more on the impact the HEAT coaching staff has on the game, check out this article on LeBron and Rio's Bounce Back Ability and the game recaps on

Defensive Player of the Year Award

Winner: LeBron James

The following players have the highest Defensive Win Score stats (defensive rebounds + steals + blocks - fouls) adjusted for position (numbers are per 48 minutes):

Companion Reading: LeBron's stats make him the most productive defender on the HEAT, but they may not make him the most productive defender in the NBA. See Numbers Against LeBron Winning Defensive Player of the Year.

Executive of the Year Award

Winner: Andy Elisburg, Sr. Vice President & Assistant General Manager

  • President Pat Riley: Shane Battier & Eddy Curry free agent signings were bad ideas
  • Sr. Vice President & Assistant General Manager Andy Elisburg: Helped team spend over $13.5 million below the league average rate for its wins this season.
  • Vice President, Player Personnel Chet Kammerer: Terrel Harris may be a diamond in the rough
  • Vice President, Player Programs Alonzo Mourning: Chris Bosh gained muscle but lost productivity this season and Dexter Pittman came into training camp overweight

Companion Reading: 

Citizenship Award


Companion Reading:

Most Improved Player Award


Here's a list of HEAT players with the most improved production this season:

Most Valuable Player Award

Winner: LeBron James

Companion Reading: LeBron leads the HEAT in estimated wins produced this season. See the HEAT Produced Page. Alfredo says it's one of the best seasons he's ever seen in NBA history. John Hollinger's Player Efficiency Rating says it's the best season in NBA history, but LeBron's PER Is Useless.

Rookie of the Year Award

Winner: Terrel Harris

Here's a list of the rookie production on the HEAT this season:

Sixth Man of the Year Award

Winner: Udonis Haslem

Below is a list of the most productive HEAT reserves this season.

Sportsmanship Award

Winner: Joel Anthony

Companion Reading: The panel of John Crotty, Greg Anthony, Antonio Davis, Eddie Johnson and Kenny Smith selected Shaved Monkey Nuts as the winner from the Southeast Division but there's no sportsmanship in flopping.

All-HEAT Team

  • MHI - Chalmers, Wade, Miller, LeBron, UD
  • Alfredo - Wade, Miller, LeBron, UD, Bosh

Companion Reading: See the Top HEAT Lineups this season.

All-HEAT Defensive Team

  • MHI - Chalmers, Wade, LeBron, Bosh, Turiaf
  • Alfredo - LeBron, Wade, Shaved Monkey Nuts, UD, Bosh
Companion Reading: See the HEAT Lineups that allowed the fewest points this season.

White Hot Playoff Matchups
Since HEAT playoff tickets go on sale today, the podcasters predicted which games will provide HEAT fans the most entertainment value.
  • MHI's picks
    • 1st round vs. Knicks: Games 1 and 2. There won't be a Game 5.
    • Conference Semifinals vs. Pacers: None. Each home game will be a blowout.
    • Conference Finals vs. Hawks/Bulls: Game 5. There will be a celebration win the HEAT advance back to the NBA Finals.
    • NBA Finals vs. Thunder: Every home game.
  • Alfredo's picks
    • 1st round vs. Sixers: None.
    • Conference Semifinals vs. Hawks: None.
    • Conference Finals vs. Bulls: Games 1, 2 and 5.
    • NBA Finals vs. Thunder: Every home game will be White Hot.

This podcast was inspired by E.J. Fischer.

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