Sunday, April 1, 2012

LeBron James and Chris Bosh Were Most Popular HEAT Topics in March

The most popular Miami HEAT stories in March discussed where LeBron James' performance this season ranks in NBA history, his case for Defensive Player of the Year and the importance of Chris Bosh's game to the team's success.

Most Popular Articles of the Month

The top 3 articles at the MHI blog in March are listed below.

1. Why LeBron's PER Is Useless

Since LeBron James' success is measured by winning and championships, this article explained why his Player Efficiency Rating this season is irrelevant bullshit produced by ESPN's hype machine.

LeBron's defense on Pau Gasol may show he's the most versatile defender in the NBA, but this article explains why the box scores show he's not the Defensive Player of the Year.

This article explained how the loss of Chris Bosh should take the Miami HEAT from playing like a 60-win team to a 50-win team on their West Coast road trip at the beginning of the month because it impacted the rotation at three positions: small forward, power forward and center.

In reality, they ended up playing a little worse than a 0.500 team on the trip and have only played like a 50-win team since he returned. The article Keys to Greatness explained what parts of Bosh's game the HEAT need to be a 60-win team - parts of his game they didn't get in March.

Most Underrated Article of the Month

The article that was more popular among blog subscribers than other readers in March is listed below.

From Basketball Slave to 40 Million Dollar Slaves

This article explained how black players allowed white team owners to exploit their superior production for 60 years.

Most Popular Podcast of the Month

The top HEATcast in March is listed below.

HEATcast: On the Road at the Trade Deadline

Bloggers from the Miami Heat Index and discussed what trades the Miami HEAT should and should not have made before the trade deadline and how the team would fare on the road against the top teams in the Eastern Conference. They didn't fare so well.

If you liked these articles, all Miami Heat Index articles published in March can be found here.

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