Friday, May 25, 2012

HEATcast: Spo v. Wade, #WithoutBosh and Trust Issues

The biggest topics for discussion after the Miami HEAT eliminated the Indiana Pacers were the beef and adjustments made by Coach Erik Spoelstra and Dwyane Wade, the offense without Chris Bosh and the most trustworthy players in the rotation.

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Podcasters: Miami Heat Index, Alfredo Arteaga from and Pheana Winfield the Queen of HEAT News
Recorded: May 25, 2012 at 6:00 PM ET
Duration: 1:17:44
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Companion Reading
The podcasters discussed the articles and topics listed below during the HEATcast.
Who had a better turnaround in the Eastern Conference Semifinals - Coach Erik Spoelstra or Dwyane Wade? Both had bad starts but LeBron James said both were spectacular when it was all over. We know what was wrong with Wade, but what happened to Spo? Did he panic? What was the best adjustment each man made? Was Spo’s coaching job really “spectacular”?

***CORRECTION: The Queen of HEAT News said the correct Wade quote on Coach Spo from the Palm Beach Post was, “He wants the best out of me, and I want greatness for him as well.”***

Why so much clock for #ShavedMonkeyNuts? Was LeBron at PF overblown since #ShavedMonkeyNuts spent most of the series guarding David West?

Impact of Bosh's Injury
#WithoutBosh - Are more touches for Wade & LeBron better than touches for Bosh? Can HEAT fans trust Chris Bosh to be the big man the HEAT need if/when he comes back?

Who Do You Trust on the HEAT?
PG: Mario Chalmers was outplayed by Darren Collison. Will it just get worse as the HEAT in the ECF and Finals (Rajon Rondo, Jrue Holiday, Tony Parker & Russell Westbrook could be next)? Is there hope for Norris Cole? He started well vs. Pacers but tailed off at the end of the series.

SG: How big a concern is Wade’s knee moving forward? Will he play hard on the knee before the HEAT get behind in a series? Did Wade really trust LeBron with the team? Can HEAT fans trust Mike Miller to stay ambulatory AND productive for the rest of the playoffs? If not, who should Spo trust to replace Miller in the rotation?

SF: LeBron was dominant against the Pacers. Do you trust him to keep it going through the Finals? Should Shaved Monkey Nuts continue to get so many minutes at SF? Will his playoff run end like Mike Bibby’s last year and Spo will make a change when it’s too little, too late?

PF: Can HEAT fans trust Udonis Haslem jumper from here on out? Should Spo trust him with more minutes in the rotation?

C: Can Joel Anthony be trusted to play at a championship level if Bosh can’t play? The Warden provided above average production this season overall and was even more productive vs. BOS, PHI, OKC & SAS.

Can fans trust the HEAT to tell them the truth about the players when they're hurt? The lack of transparency about Wade and UD's injuries seemed to have a negative impact on fan perception so far.

Updated Playoff Predictions

Eastern Conference Finals
  • Big Shot Ron: #2. HEAT over #4. Celtics in 6 games
  • Queen of HEAT News: #2. HEAT over #4. Celtics in 7 games
  • Alfredo: #2. HEAT over 4. Celtics in 5 games #8. 76ers in 6 games
  • MHI: #2. HEAT over #4. Celtics in 5 games

Western Conference Finals
  • Big Shot Ron: #2. Thunder over #4. Grizzlies#1. Spurs over #2. Thunder in 7 games
  • Queen of HEAT News: #1. Spurs over #2. Thunder in 7 games
  • Alfredo: #3. Lakers #2. Thunder over #1. Spurs in 6 games
  • MHI: #2. Thunder over #1. Spurs in 6 games

This podcast was inspired by E.J. Fischer.

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