Friday, June 22, 2012

HEAT Produced: 2012 NBA Finals? It. Is. Finished.

Chris Bosh saved his most productive playoff game for last to help the Miami HEAT blowout the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the 2012 NBA Championship.

I passed out from drinking champagne in the middle of Dwyane Wade's postgame press conference. Woke up 90 minutes later and haven't been back to sleep since. To make a long story short, this will just be a numbers dump. In-depth analysis of the 2012 NBA Finals and Playoffs will be posted in the following days.

This article uses Estimated Wins Produced. Since an average team's winning percentage is 0.500, an average player produces 0.100 estimated wins per 48 minutes (est.WP48). A star player produces 0.200 est.WP48 and great players produce 0.300 est.WP48. See the HEAT Produced Page for more information on Estimated Wins Produced.

Bosh Saved the Best For Last
Bosh produced an est. 0.3 wins for the HEAT in Game 5, his highest of the 2012 Playoffs. The table below lists Bosh's production in each playoff game.

6/21/2012 C Bosh 34.4 0.465 0.333 OKC HOME W
6/14/2012 C Bosh 40.4 0.246 0.207 OKC AWAY W
6/9/2012 C Bosh 31.1 0.319 0.207 BOS HOME W
6/19/2012 C Bosh 37.3 0.211 0.164 OKC HOME W
5/6/2012 C Bosh 39.6 0.178 0.147 NYK AWAY L
4/28/2012 C Bosh 24.1 0.234 0.117 NYK HOME W
6/5/2012 C Bosh 14.3 0.39 0.116 BOS HOME L
5/3/2012 C Bosh 36.9 0.144 0.111 NYK AWAY W
4/30/2012 C Bosh 31.5 0.141 0.092 NYK HOME W
5/9/2012 C Bosh 34.8 0.121 0.088 NYK HOME W
6/7/2012 C Bosh 28.1 0.104 0.061 BOS AWAY W
5/13/2012 C Bosh 15.8 0.034 0.011 IND HOME W
6/17/2012 C Bosh 37.1 -0.007 -0.006 OKC HOME W
6/12/2012 C Bosh 33.6 -0.225 -0.158 OKC AWAY L

Game 5 Summary
The spreadsheet below lists the wins produced estimated from the Game 5 box score.
  • Most Productive HEAT Player: Chris Bosh
  • 2nd Most Productive HEAT Player: Dwyane Wade (most of his production came in garbage time to slightly beat out Mike Miller whose tremendous shooting & rebounding put him slightly ahead of LeBron James' triple-double)
  • Least Productive HEAT Player: Shaved Monkey Nuts aka Shane Battier

HEAT Production in the 2012 NBA Finals
The spreadsheet below lists the estimated wins produced by the Miami HEAT in the 2012 NBA Finals.

Thunder Production in the 2012 NBA Finals
The spreadsheet below lists the estimated wins produced by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2012 NBA Finals.

See the HEAT Produced Page for stats from all of the series in the HEAT's 2012 title run.

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