Saturday, June 9, 2012

HEATcast: Before & After Games 6 and 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals

Doubt and disappointment from Miami HEAT fans after Game 5 changed to awe and joy after LeBron James performance in Game 6. The Miami Heat Index discussed the differences before and after Game 6, expectations before Game 7 and predictions for what will happen afterwards with Alfredo Arteaga from and Pheana Winfield the Queen of HEAT News on this week's HEATcast.

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Podcasters: Miami Heat IndexAlfredo Arteaga and Pheana Winfield
Recorded: June 8, 2012 at 6:59 PM ET
Duration: 1:24:39
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Companion Reading
The podcasters discussed the articles and topics listed below during the HEATcast.

Before Game 6

“If this recap sounds like a eulogy, it’s because it is.” -Alfredo Arteaga's Game 5 recap on

Is there a difference between HEAT fans' doubt and disappointment?

“Even if the Heat come back to win the last two games, this team has been a disappointment due to the self inflicted damage that they do to themselves on a regular basis.
In the end, ARROGANCE was this team’s deadliest sin. This team never had the focus necessary to push through and win a championship, like they should have. The focus was best in year one and never improved. I blame the Captain Dwyane Wade and Erik Spoelstra in that order. It is on them.
If it sounds like I am saying that the end of the season is a foregone conclusion in game 6, it is because I have no faith that this team can find it within itself, the resolve to see a gameplan through and make smart decisions that are needed to win a playoff game.
Can they win Game 6? Sure. But why are they in this predicament? Wasted talent is a shame, and the coach in the end gets the blame. Again, what a shame. What a disappointment this team is. They have disgraced this city, themselves, and the men that put this together in Pat Riley and Micky Arison.”

The Queen of HEAT News thought arrogance was a problem all season but said the biggest problem before Game 6 was lack of communication on defense.

Alfredo's Problems After Game 5:

After Game 6: Doubters Become True Believers

Should #teamHEAT welcome the doubters back into the fold? Will they turn on the team again when things get tough?

Was any faith restored in the players or the coaching staff after Game 6?

LeBron produced a 20 Win Score and 0.530 estimated Wins Produced in Game 6 vs. the Celtics (see the HEAT Produced Page for explanation of Win Score). Incredibly, he's had 3 games more productive than that in a HEAT uniform:

Before Game 7

Who wins Game 7? Which player(s) will lead the way?

After Game 7: Predictions

Who wins the NBA Finals?
  • AA: MIA over OKC in 6
  • QHN: MIA over OKC in 7
  • RON: MIA over OKC in 6
  • MHI: MIA over OKC in 5

Who will be Finals MVP?

Will Spo survive into next season? Who would you replace him with?

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