Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Message to the Fans From a Miami HEAT Junkie

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While everybody analyzes what the Miami HEAT players and coaches need to do to win the Eastern Conference Finals, the biggest Miami HEAT Junkie on Twitter sent a message about what the fans can do to help them.

A Letter to HEAT Fans


As we all know at this very moment we are at one of the most critical times of the season.  Our Miami Heat team is down in this Eastern Conference Series 3-2.  The Boston Celtics only need one win to advance to the NBA Finals.  

There has been a lot of talk about what goes wrong at these games, starting from the coaching to the plays, to the players, and lastly the refs.  Well as a HEAT FAN, I ask you to start with YOU!!  If you are a MIAMI HEAT FAN that takes the time out of your schedule and spends money out of your pocket to attend the HEAT games, what is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a fan?  

We want this one and that one to be traded; we want the coach to be fired; etc.  Well, as a fan I admonish you to ask yourself what we should do with you, THE SLACK, LAZY FAN?  

This letter has been addressed to the “MIAMI HEAT FANS” in quotation marks because if anything else is more important to you in those 48 minutes (yes, I question whether or not you are really a fan, a spectator or an undercover hater) then the one that needs to be traded is YOU!  

Our fan base has been called out on numerous occasions for being “bandwagon, cocky and fake.”  What are you going to do?  

The theme for the playoffs has been WHITE HOT!  Yet we have fans that refuse to participate. Your outfits and your hairdos seem to be more important.  The HEAT organization, along with their sponsors, supplies us with WHITE HOT t-shirts every game yet some of the “HEAT FANS” refuse to put them on.  

This letter is a plea to US, HEATNATION!  

Let’s step up to the plate and support our team.  When the MIAMI HEAT goes to Boston and handles their business to get this series back to Miami for Game 7, WE NEED TO BE READY!  We need to be on-time and ready to cheer loud!  

Instead of being spectators, let’s be diehard fans and supporters.  Instead of being bandwagon, just because you have a favorite player, i.e. Team Lebron, Team Wade or Team Bosh, let’s be Team HEAT.  Your favorite player CAN NOT & WILL NOT win a championship alone!  

As fans, we should be ready to intimidate the enemy, which in this instance is the BOSTON CELTICS.  Our team needs our energy, our strength, our support.  At the moment we are just bodies.  

We wait until the end of games or a little spark of energy here and there to cheer on our team.  Yet we want our team to play through all the foolishness on every possession.  We as fans should also be engaged and involved on every possession.  

When the announcer says stand up, STAND UP!  When the announcer says make some noise, MAKE SOME NOISE!  When the announcer says, “Let’s go HEAT,” say LET’S GO HEAT!  When the announcer says “Defense”…. say DEFENSE!  

Get off your cell phones, forget about your MAC make up and don’t worry about your cappuccino.  MAKE SOME NOISE!  BE READY TO CHEER LOUD AND MAKE LOTS OF NOISE!!!!  A HEAT WIN is the only thing that matters during those 48 minutes!!!


Zakeya “MiamiHeatJunkie” aka @Zakeya_MsLADY

Post Script
MHI: The Miami HEAT Junkie knows what she's talking about. The article "No Rest 'Til London" explained why home court advantage was important for the HEAT in the playoffs and that it comes ENTIRELY from the influence of the home crowd on the refs.

Be loud and be White HOT for Game 7.

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  1. Well I couldn't have said it better myself; great words and they are 100% true. As fans we need to support our team, through thick and thin.