Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miami HEAT Game 5 Theme Music: Already Home

Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem & Coach Spo won a title on the road... ALREADY, so why would they go back on the road when they're home... ALREADY?

Already Home by Jay-Z, 3rd Verse
Pat Riley's in the Hall already, on the wall already.

Wade's work of art? It's a Warhol already.

On another level, on another plane already.

Shadow GM, ahead of the game already (already).

He got Three Kings already.

Why the fuck can't ya squad get three... already? (already)

Pick ya free agents from the pot already.

Analysts say it's the best trio of all-time... already (already).

LeBron's gone already.

Fuck Cleveland. He's "Already Home" already (already).

Haters can't already see,

He ain't worried bout y'all, it's already Team HEAT? you already.

Enough with the complainin', boo-hoos already.

...Eat food already.

Ain't nothin' given, cop the LeBron 9s and Fly Wades already.

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