Friday, July 20, 2012

22 Twos for Daryl Morey's Dick Riders

Special shoutout to NBA analysts in the mainstream media that continue to dick ride Daryl Morey's ability to collect mediocre players and chase superstars that don't want to play for the Houston Rockets.

22 Twos
Too much Morey dick lickin
and too many suckers on a mission
doing their best Bill Simmons rendition.
Too many punk motherfuckers. I got my suspicions
You're just another biter in a pool of sharks fucker, listen...
Too many bitchasses want pageviews & ratings.
If you're a Corporate Heaux Blogger, I'ma call you a heaux. Too many bloggers are shady.
Too many fans give these analysts too many chances.
Too many suckers who love numbers don't know what "advanced" is.
Too many groupies flocking to the Sloan Conference on MIT's campus.
No question, Daryl Morey's got no answers.
We've seen his plans flop too many times.
Not too many signed. Blocked? Too many whine, too.
To the fanalysts, it ain't too late to come together
Cause too much love plus common sense equals forever.
I don't follow mainstream guidelines cause too many bloggers dick ride.
Watch 'em change styles after the HEAT win titles multiple times...

For more on Daryl Morey, check out the article "Adjusted Plus-Minus: Hustling Outside the Box."

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