Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HEAT Check: Rashard Lewis + Ray Allen = Seattle Dick Riders

It's funny how everybody wants to be a Seattle Supersonics dickrider now that the HEAT signed Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.

Bitch, You Wasn't Wit' Them Shootin' in the Gym

Everybody wants to act like they gave a fuck about the Sonics teams that had Allen & Lewis but the attendance figures say otherwise.

Below is a list of attendance for Sonics games at American Airlines Arena (capacity: 19,600) while Allen & Lewis were on the team.

The AAA was more than 5,000 fans short of a sellout when HEAT-Sonics games just featured Dwyane Wade vs. Allen & Lewis. Of course, all the games were standing-room-only once Shaquille O'Neal joined the HEAT and they became title contenders.

Sold-out HEAT-Sonic games at AAA weren't about Allen & Lewis, they were about the HEAT and Shaquille O'Neal. Miami fans weren't alone, either.

Below is a list of the average attendance rankings for Sonics games on the road during the Allen & Lewis era.

So Miami fans didn't really give a fuck about Allen & Lewis on the Sonics and more than half of the other NBA teams' fans didn't give a fuck about Allen & Lewis on the Sonics, either.

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