Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dwyane Wade: A Father First in Harlem

Dwyane Wade had some interesting things to say about fatherhood, the Miami HEAT and Jeremy Lin at the book signing for A Father First in Harlem hosted by Hue-Man Books at My Image Studios (MIST) Harlem.

Most HEAT fans know about Wade's mother and sister because he constantly praises them for him becoming the person he is today, but since his book is entitled "A Father First," I was hoping to get some insight from the book signing about Wade's father, Dwyane Wade, Sr. It always seemed odd to me that Wade's mother got all the airtime about overcoming addiction, but Wade's father was the one that raised him to be a man.

Unfortunately, the only information fans were given about Wade's relationship with his father during the interview with Cheryl Willis from NY1 was that Dwyane Wade, Sr. wasn't very affectionate growing up. Hopefully the book goes deeper into the relationship between Wade Jr. and Sr.

Cheryl Willis interviewing Dwyane Wade about his book, A Father First.

The most interesting comment Wade made about fatherhood was that getting full custody of his sons actually helped him mature enough to be a better teammate playing with LeBron James and Chris Bosh because it made him less selfish. That actually did manifest itself on the court in Wade's first game after his sons came to live with him. He produced 28 points on 15 shots and nine free-throw attempts with five rebounds, nine assists, five blocks and three steals.

Of course, Wade couldn't come to NYC without being asked about the Knicks. Wade said Linsanity was the quickest run to celebrity he'd ever seen, but all the hype around Lin meant he didn't have to handle a lot of media requests during All-Star Weekend so, "Hey, 'preciate ya' Jeremy!"

Speaking of appreciation, special shoutout to Marva Allen from Hue-Man Books for bringing Wade to Harlem!

Photo from Dwyane Wade on Instagram.

Check out Wade's website for more info on A Father First and when the book tour is coming to a city near you.

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