Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HEAT Check: Bulls and Lakers Need New Logos

The launch of SB Nation United makes one thing clear: the Bulls, Raptors, Nets, Suns, Hornets, Lakers and Grizzlies need new team logos.

As part of the redesign for SB Nation, all of the blogs covering NBA teams got logos designed for them. Let's judge each NBA team's logo compared to the one designed by SB Nation.

Miami HEAT

Verdict: NBA. All ties go to them.
I think the secondary logo is the dopest, though.

Chicago Bulls

Verdict: SB Nation. The Bulls' old logo looks just like that - old.
New knee for Derrick Rose, new logo for the Bulls. #WhyNot

Milwaukee Bucks

Verdict: NBA. Bucks' logo is pretty dope.
The SB Nation logo only works for the blog.

Orlando Magic

Verdict: NBA. The SB Nation logo is wack.
It'd be better if the player silhouette was the Shaq logo but the fans may not appreciate that too much.

Indiana Pacers

Verdict: NBA. SB Nation's logo is too blog specific.
The Pacers logo is weak, but all ties go to the NBA.

New York Knicks

Verdict: NBA. The Knicks logo is classic.
The SB Nation logo's cute, but subway trains haven't been cool since they took the graffiti off them.

Washington Wizards

Verdict: NBA.
SB Nation's colors seem to be off and the capitol building image is weak.
The best logo for the Wizards is their alternate logo.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Verdict: NBA. All ties go to them.

Atlanta Hawks

Verdict: NBA. SB Nation's logo is too blog-specific, but it's dope as fuck.
I think the best Hawks logo is the one they had from 1973-95.

Philadelphia 76ers

Verdict: NBA. SB Nation's logo is too blog-specific.
The Sixers logo has sucked for almost 40 years. What's one more?

Boston Celtics

Verdict: NBA.
SB Nation's blog logo is dope, but it's not better than the Celtics' alternate logo.

Charlotte Bobcats

Verdict: NBA.
I have no idea what the SB Nation logo is supposed to be.

Detroit Pistons

Verdict: NBA.
The Pistons haven't been Bad Boys for 20 years.

Toronto Raptors

Verdict: SB Nation.
The Raptors logos have sucked from Day One, but the alternate logo ain't bad.

Brooklyn Nets

Verdict: SB Nation. The Brooklyn Bridge is classic.
The Nets throwback logo sucks.

Golden State Warriors

Verdict: NBA.
If you've got an iconic bridge, use it.
Too bad the Nets failed to grasp that concept.

Portland Trail Blazers

Verdict: NBA.
SB Nation's logo=dope. Blazers logo=classic.
I still have no idea what it means, though.

Dallas Mavericks

Verdict: NBA.
They both suck. All ties go to the NBA.

San Antonio Spurs

Verdict: NBA.
SB Nation's logo is too blog-specific and the Spurs logo is tough to beat.

Sacramento Kings

Verdict: NBA.
The SB Nation logo is nice, but I'm not sure it's better than the Kings logo.

L.A. Clippers

Verdict: NBA.
They both stink. All ties go to the NBA.

Phoenix Suns

Verdict: SB Nation
The Suns logo has always sucked to me.
Time for something new.

Denver Nuggets

Verdict: NBA
Throwback logos to an ugly past can't win. 
The Nuggets' alternate logo is the best, though.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Verdict: NBA
The SB Nation logo is fresh, but it's not better than the T'Wolves alternate logo.

New Orleans Hornets

Verdict: SB Nation
Hornets should use their secondary logo.

Utah Jazz

Verdict: Neither
Problem with the NBA logo is the word "Jazz." 
Put a better nickname on that logo it's perfect.

Houston Rockets

Verdict: NBA
Nice try by SB Nation. Unfortunately, the Rockets had the worst unis in their history with that style logo in the late 90s.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Verdict: NBA
I have no idea what that SB Nation logo is supposed to represent.

L.A. Lakers

Verdict: SB Nation
The Lakers logo sucks and the nickname has nothing to do with LA.
SB Nation's logo may not look good on a jersey, but it starts the team down a good path.

Memphis Grizzlies

Verdict: SB Nation
This was close, but I'll take a grizzly devouring the ball over a docile one with its mouth closed. Grizzlies should make their alternate logo the primary one.

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